New Zealand Police Driving Campaign goes viral

This is undoubtedly the best video I have ever seen for road users. The road is no place for people to learn from mistakes is the grim message from the latest road safety advertisement urging drivers to slow down to […]


This is the Corporate Identity for 777 Productions We would love to read your opinions on this design !


Genesis the beatboxer

Genesis is truly amazing on Australia’s Got Talent … He takes beatboxing to a new level


Chris Rene is legendary …

Chris Rene on XFactor is legendary … He is truly inspirational …


Ashly Williams Emotional Performance

Ashly Williams delivers an incredible performance … her voice is amazing …


Adding people you do not know

Sometimes it is nice adding people you may not know in reality, but would like to meet new people.

On facebook, you look for the ADD AS FRIEND and you click it and you wait until the person either ACCEPTS your request or DECLINES it.

To see the FRIEND REQUESTS that you have sent

I recommend that you check this link after 2 days – if no-one has ACCEPTED you, CANCEL them.
If you leave it, facebook will see that you are harassing people and block you.


To see the FRIEND REQUEST that you have RECEIVED

New Zealand Police Driving Campaign goes viral

This is undoubtedly the best video I have ever seen for road users.

The road is no place for people to learn from mistakes is the grim message from the latest road safety advertisement urging drivers to slow down to save lives.

No EDIT option for commenters on a wordpress blog

Really, it’s time brought in the ability for people to edit their own comments in other people’s blogs. Even if it had a short time frame within which it can be edited, for instance two or three minutes, it would be better than nothing.

Christian the lion

I absolutely love this video…

It shows that the bond of love can NEVER be broken irrespective of time lost…

Copyright Thieves

Has someone uploaded or shared content (picture or video) of yours illegally onto facebook ?

Instead of panicking and struggling to find out what you can do about this.


Hacking for good ?

If you wanted to be a hacker because you thought `hackers are cool’ – you can be a whitehat hacker.

This is someone that finds bugs or flaws in programming code but DOES NOT use this knowledge to cause trouble
INSTEAD report it to the owner of the portal so that they can fix the problem.

Now facebook has a REWARD SYSTEM or bounty system in place so that you can get a REWARD for finding a problem on its site.

Here is the link for that Click to REPORT a problem

Nearly the WORLD CHAMPION at Ruby Blast Adventures

On Monday 4 November 2013, I shattered my highest score at the facebook game Ruby Blast Adventures.

I am nearly the WORLD CHAMPION.


How safe is your cv ?

How safe is your cv ?

In these days of high unemployment, numerous dodgy advertisements pop up on the internet, so you should be really careful about the information you supply in your CVs.

You usually include a variety of confidential information – especially your full contact details (home address, cellphone number, identity number, and so on).

But you never know who sees it and who does not.

If you are responding to an advertisement on Gumtree, for example, you will notice that there is an upload attachment box.

The upload attachment box is used because the advertiser has hidden their email address and they do not want you to see it.

So when you reply to one of these advertisements you should write “To whom it may concern, I believe I am the ideal candidate for the advertised position. Please find attached my CV.”

But instead of attaching it, don’t.

If the person who placed the ad cares about hiring you, they will take the time to respond: “Dear Bob, Nothing was attached. Please resend.”

Now this helps in two ways: 1) It shows that the other side cares and
2) It shows the advertiser’s details (
If the person is emailing you from a gmail address or free email address – ask them to send their website details and physical address.

Now I don’t say all those using free email addresses could be dodgy, but they should have alternative contact details, especially if the advertiser wants you to work for them – there should be a physical address to go to.

Negative Impact

Negative Impact

Photographers who offer their services free can have a negative impact on the industry. I am not a photographer, but I have organised countless group photo-shoots for the community where
everything was going perfectly for the first 10 photo-shoots until these freebie photographers offered their free photo-shoots.

Just because you get a free photo shoot does not mean you’re a model or are model-material. Equipment costs money and time is valuable, so photographers should be paid for their time.

If you do manage to get a free photo shoot or multiple free photo shoots from various photographers, do not insult the quality of photo-shoots done by paid photographers.

People seem to believe falsehoods that are started by these freebie photographers to cause problems in the industry and on social media.

People that score these free photo shoots become indoctrinated in such a way that they will believe anything, and will even delete or block a photographer who won’t give them a free photo shoot,
on social media. They will tell their friends to do the same. In this way, they show a sense of fake loyalty to their freebie photographers who often use social media to promote their services.

Photographers who offer their services for free are essentially “robbing” those that want to make money from photography. They label their free shoots as TFCD (Time For Compact Disc), a term used to depict a scenario where both do not receive remuneration from the photo shoot: Free to the photographer because he or she needs someone to photograph; and free to the person being photographed because he or she needs someone to photograph them.

Basically the only expense by either the photographer or the `model’ is time.

The `model’ usually gets the photos , not high-resolution ones, just photos they can upload to their social network of their choice.

I’d like to suggest that we rather refer to this as TMCD – Too Many Cheap Deals.