Big fan of Jackie Chan is incredible

Found this video being shared on facebook 938 000 times. Click to watch a very big fan of Jackie Chan

Baby elephant falls on its back then something magical happens

Saw this video being shared 1 million times on facebook and it is amazing ! Click to watch Baby elephant falls on its back then something magical happens

God Made A Dog

This has to be the best video I have seen that showcases the true meaning of owning a dog.

Hero Cat Saves Boy

I love animals. But I love cats more… A cat by the name of Tara, in Bakersfield, California, came to the rescue of a vicious dog attack. The dog belonged to one of the neighbours randomly attacked a 4-year-old boy, Jeremy Triantafilo as he is playing on his bike in the driveway. Jeremy had to have stiches, but the attack could have been far worse. The neighbour’s dog had to be euthanised.

Fighting Gravity

Truly amazing performance by Fighting Gravity on America’s Got Talent …

Jonathan Allen

Jonathan Allen delivers a truly emotional performance on America’s Got Talent.

Andrew De Leon

Growing up, Andrew De Leon was a big fan of Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie. Listening to them was an escape for him, for he was an outsider. He felt alienated because he was not interested in athletics or other interests commonly followed. Andrew developed an interest in singing, but by his audition, he had never sung to anyone in public, including his family.

Sami Bunmazooka

Sami Bunmazooka has a unique personality and does a great performance in his audition of Season 6 of America’s Got Talent.

Dance-Ish Performance

Kenichi Ebina is a Japanese performance artist who won the 8th season of America’s Got Talent on 18 September 2013. His solo act, labeled ‘dance-ish’ by Ebina, features his unique self-taught style which combines acting, storytelling, and a number of different dance styles, including freestyle, hip-hop, mime, martial arts, jazz, and ethnic dance.

How safe is your cv ?

How safe is your cv ? In these days of high unemployment, numerous dodgy advertisements pop up on the internet, so you should be really careful about the information you supply in your CVs. You usually include a variety of confidential information – especially your full contact details (home address, cellphone number, identity number, and so on). But you never know who sees it and who does not. If you are responding to an advertisement on Gumtree, for example, you will notice that there is an upload attachment box. The upload attachment box is used because the advertiser has hidden
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