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A hashtag trended for users who had less than 10 000 followers on twitter and who thought themselves flaming hot. #FlamesUnder10K — Nombuso Dowelani (@NombIe_dowelanI) June 28, 2018 I’m late but idc idc😫. #FlamesUnder10K 💎💕. — venda hun💎. (@MashilaVhulenda) June 27, 2018 #FlamesUnder10k brown shugela 🐝 — Neo Minnie Sibeko (@Livingeve_) June

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#FineBrokePeople money would look good on me 💔 — __Zekhethelo Mjwara (@Zeigh_Mjwara) June 27, 2018 #FineBrokePeople people here are broke with fresh haircuts, good makeup, expensive weaves, name brand clothing, iPhones, great quality pictures, good looking backgrounds. We are not stupid bafethu. — KATT™ (@Personalkatt) June 27, 2018 #FineBrokePeople I even owe myself

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#5yearsfromnow is a trending topic that is doing really well and is featuring in most countries trending topics. #5yearsfromnow someone will wonder who sings better Justin or Zuma … — Deon Fialkov (@777productions7) June 6, 2018 #5yearsfromnow daniel marven won't be stealing tweets,but will be hijacking them — The Classmonitor😎 (@TheKabali) June 6,

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Your twitter life is boring because you don't #knowthistweeps @Dpoaetic @Mac_Nels @777productions7 @The_olabode @Smartnoys @ife_luv12 @IamPreshioloye @t_riumphant @Shortolany @youngjc_4j @Koladewealthyy @starlingvibe @thatudiboy @fonmand @mistahmasalati @TWEETORACLE — Deon Fialkov (@777productions7) June 2, 2018 Your twitter life is boring because you don't #knowthistweeps @Dpoaetic @Mac_Nels @777productions7 @The_olabode @Smartnoys @ife_luv12 @IamPreshioloye @t_riumphant @Shortolany @youngjc_4j @Koladewealthyy @thatudiboy @fonmand @mistahmasalati

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Mustapha Taiwo

Mustapha Taiwo is a makeup artist living in Nigeria. She has cancer of the blood. She needs money for operations. Her twitter bio : “Diagnosed with SLL at 16 on 15/11/2016 ▫Raising money for a better treatment…” Please I need help for cancer treatment… #NothingIsSmall — taiwoh_xo (@taiwoh_xo) April 14, 2018 My name is

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special s/o to my fave @entle_sangweni this tag was meant for you njunjus 💞😍 #curvesForDaniel now take it all in 😊 — PennyM 🦄 (@Penuel_Mashele) May 15, 2018 #CurvesForDaniel SA Girls 🔥🔥🔥🔥😍🍻🍻 — #ThePlug (@CNtiyiso) May 15, 2018 #CurvesForDaniel thanks dear — KE SHARP (@danielmarven) May 16, 2018 #curvesForDaniel My friend💞❤ @ThembekaSithol9

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User @trapafasa had started an exciting hashtag #YouNeedJesu today and it seemed like everyone on twitter participated. Retweet if you ready to trend #YouNeedJesu don’t forget to tag me in your tweets let’s get Sunday lit — Trapa Fasa (@trapafasa) May 6, 2018 #YouNeedJesu if you skip Gospel songs — HermaineM (@HermaineM) May 6, 2018

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Joseph Muhatia

Real Name: Joseph Muhatia Twitter profile: Fake posts are being created to make black people look bad and the sad part of it is some people will believe them #BlackPanther — Trapa Fasa (@trapafasa) February 16, 2018

Not all men

Not all men are trash. — Nikki Shange (@NikkiShangee) May 4, 2018 How you gonna say “all men are trash”? Have you encountered every single man on Earth? Just because you’ve experienced “trash” men or heard of trash men doesn’t mean they all are. Relax. — Nikki Shange (@NikkiShangee) May 4, 2018 It’s true @NikkiShangee

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