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Twitter Var

you are doing twitter var with pictures of people that are way better than you….while you look like someone that hasn’t eaten for days 🙄🙄😑isn’t that madness 😭😭😂 — Jesusbaby😇👑 (@omohtee12) August 4, 2018 #twitterVAR He thought he would get away with it lmfaoooo😂😂😂 — Pessimist. (@Uncle_sidney) August 4, 2018 So my Twitter VAR

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A hashtag trended for users who had less than 10 000 followers on twitter and who thought themselves flaming hot. #FlamesUnder10K — Nombuso Dowelani (@NombIe_dowelanI) June 28, 2018 I’m late but idc idc😫. #FlamesUnder10K 💎💕. — venda hun💎. (@MashilaVhulenda) June 27, 2018 #FlamesUnder10k brown shugela 🐝 — Neo Minnie Sibeko (@Livingeve_) June

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#FineBrokePeople money would look good on me 💔 — __Zekhethelo Mjwara (@Zeigh_Mjwara) June 27, 2018 #FineBrokePeople people here are broke with fresh haircuts, good makeup, expensive weaves, name brand clothing, iPhones, great quality pictures, good looking backgrounds. We are not stupid bafethu. — KATT™ (@Personalkatt) June 27, 2018 #FineBrokePeople I even owe myself

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#5yearsfromnow is a trending topic that is doing really well and is featuring in most countries trending topics. #5yearsfromnow someone will wonder who sings better Justin or Zuma … — Deon Fialkov (@777productions7) June 6, 2018 #5yearsfromnow daniel marven won't be stealing tweets,but will be hijacking them — The Classmonitor😎 (@TheKabali) June 6,

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Your twitter life is boring because you don't #knowthistweeps @Dpoaetic @Mac_Nels @777productions7 @The_olabode @Smartnoys @ife_luv12 @IamPreshioloye @t_riumphant @Shortolany @youngjc_4j @Koladewealthyy @starlingvibe @thatudiboy @fonmand @mistahmasalati @TWEETORACLE — Deon Fialkov (@777productions7) June 2, 2018 Your twitter life is boring because you don't #knowthistweeps @Dpoaetic @Mac_Nels @777productions7 @The_olabode @Smartnoys @ife_luv12 @IamPreshioloye @t_riumphant @Shortolany @youngjc_4j @Koladewealthyy @thatudiboy @fonmand @mistahmasalati

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Mustapha Taiwo

Mustapha Taiwo is a makeup artist living in Nigeria. She has cancer of the blood. She needs money for operations. Her twitter bio : “Diagnosed with SLL at 16 on 15/11/2016 ▫Raising money for a better treatment…” Please I need help for cancer treatment… #NothingIsSmall — taiwoh_xo (@taiwoh_xo) April 14, 2018 My name is

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special s/o to my fave @entle_sangweni this tag was meant for you njunjus 💞😍 #curvesForDaniel now take it all in 😊 — PennyM 🦄 (@Penuel_Mashele) May 15, 2018 #CurvesForDaniel SA Girls 🔥🔥🔥🔥😍🍻🍻 — #ThePlug (@CNtiyiso) May 15, 2018 #CurvesForDaniel thanks dear — KE SHARP (@danielmarven) May 16, 2018 #curvesForDaniel My friend💞❤ @ThembekaSithol9

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User @trapafasa had started an exciting hashtag #YouNeedJesu today and it seemed like everyone on twitter participated. Retweet if you ready to trend #YouNeedJesu don’t forget to tag me in your tweets let’s get Sunday lit — Trapa Fasa (@trapafasa) May 6, 2018 #YouNeedJesu if you skip Gospel songs — HermaineM (@HermaineM) May 6, 2018

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Joseph Muhatia

Real Name: Joseph Muhatia Twitter profile: Fake posts are being created to make black people look bad and the sad part of it is some people will believe them #BlackPanther — Trapa Fasa (@trapafasa) February 16, 2018

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