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#XhosaFlames 🔥🔥🔥 — Sundowns_Fanatic ⭐ (@Solomon_Madube) May 25, 2017 These are my close friends #XhosaFlames🔥🔥🔥 — #BRANDNEWOLDME OUT! (@SizzleRSA) May 25, 2017 Now this ties the knot #XhosaFlames — Nkanyezii_Yakhe👑💎 (@Presh_Mhlongo) May 25, 2017 Maybe I just like things…. #XhosaFlames — lil boozie (@YirhaSisulu) May 25, 2017 #XhosaFlames Not the flame

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This guy made the hashtag #VendaFlames trend. Drop flaming pics of venda girls u know with the tag 👉🏾 #VendaFlames it can be yourself or friend. Let it trend! — #VendaFlames (@kyngkhokhas) May 24, 2017 #VendaFlames I honestly cannot let this one pass me by 😂💜 — Mpho (@Mpoww_D) May 24, 2017 Since #VendaFlames

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Well it seems that so many people are having their facebook profiles disabled and simply not getting decent support from facebook explaining why. So here are a few that I’ve seen : Tomorrow makes week 3 of my account being disabled for no explanation. Come on @facebook figure something out @fbanalytics #Facebook72Hours — Jeff Detlefsen

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HELP ME PLEASE. A MAN NEEDS HIS NUGGS — Carter Wilkerson (@carterjwm) April 6, 2017 .@ConanOBrien @jimmyfallon @TheEllenShow @MeninistTweet — Carter Wilkerson (@carterjwm) April 7, 2017 For the love of chicken.@Mc_Driver is team #NuggsForCarter: — NASCAR (@NASCAR) April 20, 2017


#1000ExcusesForBeingLate 😂😂😉 Boss: Why are you so late today?Me : — TwittaNerd😉 (@LindoMyeni) April 6, 2017 #1000ExcusesForBeingLate the taxi driver decided to drive back because someone didn't pay. — Thabang Calvyntl (@Calvyntl) April 6, 2017 #1000ExcusesForBeingLate someone was struggling with taxi maths so I was waiting for my R2 change😅😅😅 — Yonela

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#FellowSouthAfricans No need to panick over the #JunkStatus. Processes are underway to restore good governance and maintain the rule of law — Adv Thuli Madonsela (@ThuliMadonsela3) April 3, 2017 Senior ANC leaders said they had no idea how president was making decisions. How should investors hope to understand SA then? #JunkStatus — xhanti (@XhantiPayi) April

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#2017AlreadyTaughtMe that if you don't trust those in your circle shuffle that ish…. — IG: @Le_cron (@Lecron) April 3, 2017 #2017AlreadyTaughtMe things are not always what they seem to be in your eyes — S'thembiso Gamede (@StheeReloaded) April 3, 2017 #2017AlreadyTaughtMe my dreams are valid. All I have to do is take a step

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What do you think of the #CabinetReshufle ? — Deon Fialkov (@777productions1) March 31, 2017 #CabinetReshufle South Africans right now📷📸 — Mandisi MC (@Mandac5) March 31, 2017 This is so honourable.Gordhan and Jonas aren't even bad mouthing Zuma.They are just saying things as they are.#cabinetreshufle — TweetGuru (@JustKholii_) March 31, 2017 #OccupyTreasury march to

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#KaraboKhama is a vile, unapologetic #Racist … I don't see #Karabo trending the way #Spur or #HelenZille did… hey @helenzille? — Lelouch Giard (@BlackKnightRSA) March 25, 2017 #KaraboKhama these are the type of people I would like to banish from our world… #Racist and proud of it! That's what she is — Lelouch

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Deon Fialkov WAS NEVER a photographer !!

Deon Fialkov WAS NEVER a photographer !! Deon Fialkov WAS NEVER a photographer !! Deon Fialkov WAS NEVER a photographer !! Deon Fialkov WAS NEVER a photographer !! Deon Fialkov WAS NEVER a photographer !!

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