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Margaret van Wyk sent a private photo that was intended for her husband to the wrong group on whatsapp. Someone within the wrong group , took the photo and put it on socialmedia … it went viral. Imagine this is you. This is suicide material #margaretvanwyk should change her circle of b*tch backstabbing friends —

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Miss Mnisi meets Dineo Ranaka in reality

Miss Mnisi met Dineo Ranaka. Dineo Ranaka met with Miss Mnisi after the social-media storm. Dineo Ranaka tweeted this today Waking up with Miss Mnisi #MissMnisisDiary 💛 — Dineo Ranaka (@DineoRanaka) July 23, 2016 Beyond the hashtag. #MissMnisisDiary — Dineo Ranaka (@DineoRanaka) July 23, 2016 Beyond the hashtag. #MissMnisisDiary — Dineo Ranaka

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#MissMnisi unlocks her twitter profile

The previous day , Miss Mnisi had a reply from Dineo Ranaka and didn’t like what she said, so she deleted her tweet and locked her twitter profile. Her twitter profile then had 20 followers. Visit earlier story As her twitter profile was locked, users had to wait for her to log into her twitter

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Earlier there was a twitter interaction with #DineoRanaka and @Miss_Mnisi that made the following hashtag start trending #MatricDanceForMissMnisi : A matric dance should be the VERY least of your stresses. The aim is not to look rich but to be rich. #education1st — Dineo Ranaka (@DineoRanaka) July 21, 2016 @Miss_Mnisi who had 20 followers

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