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Samkelisiwe Pertunia Mthombeni

#NewProfilePic ❤Be the kind of beauty with brains also — Pertunia👑 (@Sam_Shawtie) April 28, 2018 RETWEET if you like this photo of@Sam_Shawtie — Deon Fialkov (@777productions7) May 6, 2018


The girl who refused to show me her breast in secondary school is sitted next to me in a bus breastfeeding her baby​…. Is God not wonderful ?😂😂😂. — Bhoi H20 (@Bhoi_h20) March 25, 2018

Twitter is locking profiles – but giving no reasons why

Many people are getting their twitter profiles locked and twitter doesn’t give any explanation why. Apparently one gets asked to complete a google captcha to prove they’re `not a robot’ and then an sms gets sent to the cell-number that is linked to that profile. Once you’ve done the google captcha successfully and you get

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Timing of a tweet

Take a look at the dates and times : Where do I get myself one of these little thingsListen to her😂😂😂😂 — Chom Nay' indoda (@roger_zhat) August 12, 2017 then lmao somebody pls watch this — yella ting | (@THEsweeet_yella) August 14, 2017


Well it seems that so many people are having their facebook profiles disabled and simply not getting decent support from facebook explaining why. So here are a few that I’ve seen : Tomorrow makes week 3 of my account being disabled for no explanation. Come on @facebook figure something out @fbanalytics #Facebook72Hours — Jeff Detlefsen

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Facebook asked me for government-issued ID

Usually one gets asked to produce their government-issued ID if they are applying for a job. But now , a social-media site like Facebook is doing that. Would you send your government-issued ID to facebook to prove who you say you are ? Well here are just some of those that have an issue with

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Have you deactivated your Facebook profile ?

Whether you don’t want to spend too much time, you get bored easily, tired of seeing people complaining about each other or just had enough with this site , here are just a few people that have given up on the site: I deactivated facebook yesterday because it's absolute shite 😳 — Shanna-Lily (@oArabella0o) March

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TweetGuru gets trolled

Kholisa Skweyiya , better known as the TweetGuru on twitter was asked to be on the show TrendingSA on SABC 3 20 December 2016. Since he featured, he has many more followers but haters have also appeared. This posting will show you who the haters are and the lengths they will go to tarnish his

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