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Many people go missing every single day. This blog-posting will hopefully get more people to help find the missing person and report it to the police.

Lerato Mlambo thread


Former president Jacob Zuma has joined twitter.

He posted his first tweet after 9am but 15 minutes later he had already reached over a 1000 followers.

He is not following anyone as yet.

His first post was a video of himself sitting in front of a piano.

He faces the camera and says: “Hello everyone I have decided to move with the times to join this important area of conversation because I hear that many people are talking about me and others are calling themselves Zuma in many ways.

After #GlobalCitizenFestival

Some people boasted about what an amazing festival it was, that took place Sunday 2 December 2018.

But there are some that experienced problems after #GlobalCitizenFestival