Selling Twitter Profiles

According to Twitter, selling profiles is illegal, yet many people are selling their profiles.

Buying a twitter profile does not make it a dodgy experience. Well , not all the time anyway.

Some people genuinely need money , data or airtime and if they have built up a decent follower count – it is
worth-while looking into buying one or more of the profiles. Personally I would suggest going for a twitter profile
that has a minimum of 5000 followers but you’re welcome to choose whatever you’re happy to have.

Yes, there are some people who are dodgy but ask some personal questions before doing any business with them.

1) Ask for their full name
2) Ask for their location : CITY, COUNTRY
3) Ask for a phone-number
4) Personally, I would recommend that you tell that person to whatsapp you
5) Ask for an email address
6) Ask for a human photo of their face
7) Check if the photo of the human that they sent isn’t found in google search first – some people are using celebrities to mask their real identity

Lastly, a few of my followers have been scammed and you’re welcome to send me details of who has scammed you so I can let my followers know.

Not everyone is a scam. Not everyone is dodgy.

Does buying a twitter profile make you fake ? Well , yes and no. Yes – the followers you bought may seem fake but depending on the content you’re posting – keeping them will determine who becomes your real audience.

If you are wanting to buy or sell a twitter profile – let me know by sending us an email ?