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You CANNOT take a PERVERTED TWEET out of context of being PERVERTED

It is simply impossible to take a PERVERTED TWEET out of context of being PERVERTED.

Stop being indoctrinated to think otherwise.

That’s like someone who posts porn online and when someone else accuses them of posting porn – they find someone that is on their team to doubt the accuser because of fake loyalty, not facts.


Woolworths has agreed to partner up with 3 men who went viral for discovering the ‘secret power’ of Woolworths water.

Danny K and Helen Zille

Babes Wodumo was beaten up

A disturbing video of Babes Wodumo being beaten up went viral.

Twitter is SUSPENDING any profile that seems to be a `clone’ of a suspended profile

Twitter has implemented a method of suspending a profile if it somehow seems to be a new profile of a suspended profile.

So let’s discuss that scenario here:

Recently 777productions7 was suspended.

This means that any variant that has the word 777productions in will automatically be suspended within a given
time-period regardless of who creates the account.


1) A user does not have to create a new profile. They can simply go to Settings, edit the username and add a number to an existing username IF that username has not been taken already.

2) That just because a twitter username has 777Productions in it DOES NOT mean it was created by Deon Fialkov or belongs to him. There are other businesses that have the same name in America.

3) Only an IMBECILE will ASSuME that all the profiles above belong to DEON FIALKOV

Twitter suspended Deon Fialkov at 64 600 followers – wtf

I had gone out for the evening and wanted to check my twitter profile when I returned.

As I logged in , it said that my account had been suspended at 64 600 followers.

Currently it’s suspended and I have appealed 8 times to twitter asking why it was suspended and I will update you accordingly.

Well I have received feedback from twitter regarding my suspended account.

PLEASE NOTE that twitter never suspended me based on the defamatory articles about me.
They suspended me because they think that I faked my follower count and engagements.

I never spent any money on twitter advertising so I guess they will think everyone is fake soon.