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Easy to find reporting options on twitter

Report an abusive user

Report for posting private information

Doreen Morris has a WTF-just happened saga

Journalist insults South Africans

An Associate Press (AP) journalist who tweeted a picture of world leaders among them President Cyril Ramaphosa but referred to him as “one unidentified leader” did not know what targeted her when South Africans responded to her tweet.

Katie Hopkins silences a troll

If you are going to get angry on socialmedia , ensure that you don’t type too quickly and do typos that will humiliate you.

Forgot MTN cell number – how to find it ?

Step 1: Put the sim card of the unknown number into your phone.
Step 2: Power on phone and see if it has been unregistered.
Step 3: If it has been unregistered, toss it away as it’s useless.
Step 4: *123*888# to get the number.

If that doesn’t work, send a please call me.

Send a “please call me” to another number with *121*number#

If that doesn’t work, check airtime balance and if there is enough, miss call your known number…

You will get an sms saying xxxxxxxxxx tried to call.

Suzanne F Boswell Gymnastic Thread

Cat’s reaction to watching Lion King