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Could one friend please copy and repost?


Ntsiki Mazwai’s bare-breasted activism has sparked not only a dialogue against body shaming but a #NtsikiChallenge as well.

Social media was buzzing with comments and opinions this weekend when Ntsiki Mazwai took to Twitter to relay a message about claiming her “male privilege” and appreciating her natural body.

The singer posted images of herself topless and braless at a lake alongside two of her male friends, who were also topless.

Damion Gross is inspirational

Matt Steele is amazing

I stumbled across this tweet of Matt Steele and it’s simply amazing.


Some imbecile created a FAKE PROFILE , impersonating me.

Please report FAKE PROFILE to twitter as fake.

Even the bio makes no sense.

Relebogile Mabotja awful taxi experience

Why the word Poes trended for 2 days

I could not believe that the word , `poes’ trended for 2 days on twitter. At one stage, it was the highest trend in South Africa, position 1:

A journalist was interviewing Julius Malema. Towards the end of the interview, the journalist, mouthed something and people started assuming what the word was.

Deon Fialkov gets impersonated on Instagram

Found out recently via one of my haters that I have also been impersonated on instagram.


Please REPORT all instances of Deon Fialkov on instagram as fake.

Thank you.