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Helen Zille causes mayhem with the cartoon tweet

The cartoon depicts a black man who tells a white man to “give back the land you stole”. The white man is shown accusing the black man of raping his wife, which he denies.

Twitter users went ballistic.

Serial Cyber-bully , stalker , random defamatory keyboard thug knorkop suspended

Well, after 3 weeks of me reporting the keyboard thug knorkop for harassing me Deon Fialkov , eventually followed the clues I showed them and did what they should have done 500 reports earlier.

Yes I do realise that knorkop will create another 200 ghost accounts to stalk me, but they will reflect
created December 2019 – unless he buys someone’s account that they don’t use.

Dear tucows and my hosting service – that this cyber-thug is `emailing’ you, tweeting you, ask him
to PROVE ALL of his lunatic defamatory allegations. Ask him to provide physical proof of EVERYTHING that he tweeted about online.

Yes , I’ll wait.


Dear knorkop

All your malicious , defamatory tweets and multiple IP addresses
have been sent to police cyber-crimes for processing.

Ask yourself what agenda does knorkop have by sharing one-sided stories ?
What does he gain from spreading one-sided stories ?

Come on knorkop. If you want to be all tough – give me your phone-number so I can give it to the FBI, Interpol and South African Police to arrest you for the dissemination of defamatory information about myself.

Just a few of the following IP addresses used to malicious spam my blog site . ,, , , , , ,

Your bullying ends soon.

Deon Fialkov is innocent

Deon Fialkov is innocent

Thank you to everyone who reported ReturnOfTheZ

Thank you to everyone who helped report another ghost account created by knorkop, ReturnOfTheZ

The cyber-bully , stalker knorkop admits defeat against Deon Fialkov

Cyber bully , stalker knorkop creates multiple ghost accounts to stalk Deon Fialkov.

But because he’s a bully – he retweets himself, laughs at his own jokes. Anyone who follows user knorkop is clearly desperate for love and attention. But he’ll tweet all day and all night about Deon Fialkov because knorkop is jealous of Deon Fialkov. One would have thought that he would not be anonymous online , to be brave, but he is just another keyboard thug – getting his orgasms from likes and retweets by his other ghost accounts that he created.

Knorkop has also run out of IP addresses to post on my blog … shame … my blog has traffic and your twitter profile only has your ghost accounts.

knorkop creates more ghost accounts to stalk Deon Fialkov

The user who is petrified to show his real identity online , so hides behind a ghost account knorkop – loves to try to bully and defame Deon Fialkov because Deon Fialkov is real and the website 777 Productions has more traffic than his data usage on his iphone. Yes, knorkop – I know everything about the device you’re using to stalk me.

Cyber bully Weenen1 begs for forgiveness after being exposed

Dear Weenen1 and knorkop

As I exposed Weenen1 yesterday for faking tweets.

Today I noticed he could not sleep because Deon Fialkov occupied his every thought.

He was trying desperately to defame Deon Fialkov , like his buddy knorkop does behind his ghost account but they failed miserably.

Cyber bully and Stalker Weenen1 busted for FAKING TWEETS

I have seen Weenen1 tweet this before and each time he tweets , one more idiot of his – likes and retweets it as if it’s real.

I didn’t really think that I would need to explain how stupid his friends/followers are, but I’ll show you the proof now.

Ame1Rej was suspended 16:34pm 9 August 2019

Thanks to everyone who reported Zafferology

Thanks to everyone who reported knorkop’s profile Zafferology used to stalk DEON FIALKOV

Found another ghost account created by stalker knorkop

Today I found another ghost account , created by stalker knorkop.

Please help by reporting Ghost account created by knorkop to twitter to get suspended.