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Mainstream media is petrified to show the FULL TRUTH of what actually happened with Deon Fialkov.

Instead, no-where in any of the defamatory articles about him , is his RIGHT OF REPLY.

It’s far easier to defame Deon Fialkov to drive traffic to their site , where one gets bombarded with annoying advertisements everywhere on it.

Yet so many faceless , trolls are defaming Deon Fialkov by sharing the defamatory links in the hopes that mainstream media will do another defamatory story and give them free advertising.

Anyone who has a brain will know that DEON FIALKOV IS INNOCENT !!

Jean Leroux DOXXes Jeremy Nel’s wife – twitter users go after jean_leroux

User midkemia69 causes mayhem on twitter

Instead of apologising , his reaction was

bittereinder17 SEX PEST terrorises twitter users – wanted by police

The user bittereinder17 is wanted by the police for stalking users, defaming them , harassing , humiliating them and hiding behind multiple ghost accounts – most of them suspended by twitter for being abusive:

bittereinder17 is creating ghost accounts impersonating random users on twitter and fabricating lies about
Deon Fialkov because he is jealous of him.



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