Peter Phillipson is stalking Deon Fialkov from multiple ghost accounts for likes and retweets

Another imbecile has decided to use his numerous ghost accounts to stalk Deon Fialkov , humiliate him – purely based on ASSuming the defamatory articles about Deon Fialkov are true. Clearly Peter Philipsson is a huge fan of Theuns Nothnagel who also shared the same obsession with Deon Fialkov.

Dear imbeciles – show everyone a court-case confirming that Deon Fialkov was guilty of anything – you can’t … so stop trashing his name for likes when you’re a nobody.

Peter Philipson uses numerous ghost accounts to harass users online.

Here’s @bittereinder17 being a racist :

Peter Philipson creates various usernames impersonating his main ghost account @bittereinder17 by keeping the profile picture the same on each one. Peter loves to bully users from his ghost accounts without providing any proof.

However, he was caught out by twitter for harassment:

Lastly, Peter Philipson and others. Screenshots of all your threats of intimidation and bullying have been sent to SAPS – so should you be lucky enough to hurt me Deon Fialkov – you will be primary suspect !