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Anastasia Marchenkova gets harassed on twitter

Anastasia Marchenkova was harassed on twitter in the DMs (Direct Messages).




Deon Fialkov is innocent

Evidence of Bianca van Wyk defaming Deon Fialkov is piling up …


Let me remind you again: I AM NOT SCARED OF YOU.

You can talk shit all day on twitter about me to get your likes and retweets.

The detective assigned to my case about you is being sent ALL THE SCREENSHOTS of you defaming me on twitter.

As much as you talk shit about `direct stalking’ blah blah blah – you must remember I have more than 500 screenshots of you defaming me for likes and retweets.

But I’ll make sure I get your twitter profile permanently suspended. That’s a promise.

Grant Nicol is a cyber bully sex pest

Another imbecile who hates women is Grant Nicol.

Grant Nicol insulted a woman publicly and Peter Phillipson was one of the users who went after him online:

Grant Nicol had Peter Phillipson suspended because that is what a coward like him does.

GRANT NICOL loves to harass users on twitter for likes and retweets…

Cyber stalker Natz_online is getting monitored by Twitter

A woman , who hides her identity and what she looks like behind ghost account @Natz_online is being monitored by Twitter Support.

This user spews bullshit and defamatory tweets about random users. Because her twitter profile is 10 years old , she seems to think her long standing with twitter has made her invincible.

Wow your time is up.

I WILL MAKE SURE THAT I GET YOUR PROFILE PERMANENTLY SUSPENDED from twitter. I’m tired of your non-stop bullying.