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Luya Madiba gets nasty when exposed for posting misinformation on twitter

It seems that even when someone tries to correct @luya_madiba he spews racist vitriol .

Archived his tweets in case he just deletes it

DailyMail deletes article about Veritas-undercover video

Unsure why DailyMail deleted the article about Veritas-undercover video but the

archived link is

Aneesa Cassim is back with another fake Deon Fialkov account to harass users

Aneesa Cassim loves to harass users from numerous ghost accounts but her latest modus operandi is to create fake Deon Fialkov profiles to harass users from.

All of her tweets are already linked to her USA IP address :


Jessica Fernandez viral tiktok about `creepy guy in gym’

Jessica Fernandez who is jessica.frndz on tiktok documented an extremely uncomfortable experience in gym.

The video went viral.


:(((( it’s so disturbing and sad I can’t enjoy a simple workout without being uncomfortable #gymgirl #gym #wierdos

♬ original sound – Jessica49

Joe Swoll who has 2 million followers on instagram gave his opinion on her `creepy guy’ video.

Volkswagen Italy ‘s interesting instagram username

Bonga Waphi exposed as an `alleged’ racist

Cardi B replies creatively to a user

Seems that anything is possible on socialmedia. Cardi B who has 29.3 million followers on twitter replied to a user who only has 151 followers. A user @fortheegayssss asked how does Cardi B masturbates with those very long fingernails and Cardi B – who wasn’t even tagged in the tweet – actually replied.

Cardi B’s archived response

Who is @raisingmenalone ?

I’ve been seeing this twitter account for some time and it seems to be asking for financial assistance, however a deep twitter search shows a different truth.

Firstly, the account used to be @fatherwidow

Well now we know why he changed his username from @fatherwidow to @raisingmenalone

As soon as people called him out for his bs – he changed his username.

Bianca van Wyk uses her twitter account to defame whoever she wants to defame

Bianca van Wyk is a typical bully , the ultimate cyber-bully. She gets her followers to send screenshots from ALL THE USERS WHO BLOCKED HER , then puts some disgusting narrative above the screenshot – insulting the person who blocked her, then she gets her followers to do her cyber-bullying with her – by humiliating them too.

Bianca van Wyk knows that Twitter Support won’t suspend her account because she’s been harassing users online for years.

Bianca van Wyk thinks she’s a lawyer

Dear Bianca van Wyk, I have warned you numerous times to leave my name out of your mouth and you refused to listen. Now I’ll make this blog-posting go viral so people will know exactly what kind of filth you are.

What is happening with the courtcase where @SkyeZedA is suing you for defamation ?

Seems to be an interesting read about it ==>