Twitter flaw in reporting-feature

If you have ever reported someone on twitter for breaking one of the twitter rules and you get an update saying `This user has broken the following rule…’ – usually twitter forces the user to delete the offending tweets before they can use their account again. Well – that’s not the case anymore – the offending tweets stay visible.

Until there is a way to let Twitter Technical support know about it – looks like it’s going to stay causing problems.

Chirizaan Fisher (@bittercheri) defamed Rushda Moosajee

Many users are using anonymous account to interact on twitter. One of them is @bittercheri who made Rushda Moosajee (@RushTush) her target and decided to defame her everywhere.

Luckily , RushTush went to the court to get a protection order against Chirizaan Fisher and even managed to get an apology from her. Even though the apology didn’t sign off her real name.

Rather a weird apology to make for being `public’ because @bittercheri ‘s account is private so was her account public for 1 hour and then private again.

Chirizaan Fisher unprotected her twitter account for 2 hours and I was able to archive her apology

Rushda also shared her experience about being defamed on socialmedia years ago