Who is @raisingmenalone ?

I’ve been seeing this twitter account for some time and it seems to be asking for financial assistance, however a deep twitter search shows a different truth.

Firstly, the account used to be @fatherwidow

Well now we know why he changed his username from @fatherwidow to @raisingmenalone

As soon as people called him out for his bs – he changed his username.

Bianca van Wyk uses her twitter account to defame whoever she wants to defame

Bianca van Wyk is a typical bully , the ultimate cyber-bully. She gets her followers to send screenshots from ALL THE USERS WHO BLOCKED HER , then puts some disgusting narrative above the screenshot – insulting the person who blocked her, then she gets her followers to do her cyber-bullying with her – by humiliating them too.

Bianca van Wyk knows that Twitter Support won’t suspend her account because she’s been harassing users online for years.