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Aneesa Cassim’s FAKE DeonFialkovG0d suspended

One of the 2 fake Deon Fialkov profiles , created by Aneesa Cassim (based in New Jersey, USA) has been suspended today.

Bianca van Wyk k-word tweet

Even the media when they mention about the k-word , they say `the k word’ – so how come Bianca van Wyk tweets the word in full with zero repercussions ?


TotsShelly causes mayhem with racial-fueled tweet

TotsShelly only has 2262 followers on her twitter profile yet 1 tweet reached more than 3 million views

It seems that this account is doing a lot of tweets regarding black people

You can do the following search

Here are some responses from users she upset with her racial-fueled tweet


Aneesa Cassim who is based in New Jersey, USA is wanted for CYBER-CRIMES, She has created another ghost account to impersonate Deon Fialkov ==>

More than 100 people are suing her for defamation.

Her FULL IDENTITY has been given to the South African Police. A case number for cyber-crimes, identity theft , cyber-bullying has been opened and countless affidavits have already been added to the case.

ANEESA CASSIM NEW JERSEY USA was caught using this photo.

Aneesa Cassim has been caught using photos of multiple women online. If this photo is of SOMEONE YOU KNOW , please refer to POLICE CASE NUMBER 254/10/2022 and charges of IDENTITY THEFT will be added to the list of cyber-crimes.

Please NOTE that there seems to be other people named Aneesa Cassim in South Africa. This blog-post only concerns ANEESA CASSIM based in New Jersey, USA.

These are the links for her socialmedia :

I won’t publish your home and work details on here. That information is assigned to the police case number for you.

DEAR ANEESA CASSIM , You should have left me out of your life. Trolling me from New Jersey, USA and involving yourself with my life – now let’s see you enjoy it now that everyone can find you online.

Ridwaan Kader (rid1kader) the hitler-obsessed photographer

This guy who claims to be a `photographer’ after buying himself a camera tweets a lot of kak defending Hitler. He clearly loves Hitler to defend him so much.

Next time someone THINKS about booking a `photoshoot’ with you – ask yourself WHY ? Why would you go book a photoshoot with someone OBSESSED with hitler ?

I have ARCHIVED your tweets because I am NOT linking to your kak obsession with hitler.

Anyone who wishes to report RIDWAAN KADER ‘s hitler obsession to the South African Police and the SAHRC – please email me and I will send you the form to complete.

Deon Fialkov

Deon Fialkov is an influencer on social media

and his website covers blogging, trending topics, and social media


Uncover the real identity of any GHOST ACCOUNT.

MahadeoSeems Oscar Pistorius tweet

Twitter users were definitely unhappy with her tweet and voiced their opinions. Here are some.

I am shadow banned

Hardly anyone sees your tweets if you are Shadow-banned. Twitter doesn’t even explain why you are shadow-banned or for how long. I think that Shadow-banning should be removed from twitter.