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Renaldo Gouws gets a protection order against Bianca van Wyk (BiancavanWyk16)

Many people are tired of the cyber-bully , cyber-stalker Bianca van Wyk defaming them constantly – so she can get likes and retweets on twitter.

DA Politician , Renaldo Gouws went and got a protection order against Bianca van Wyk to put an end to her defaming him constantly.

Some celebrities are unhappy to pay for a blue-tick on twitter

Elon Musk is paying to have 3 celebrities have Twitter Blue : William Shatner , Stephen King and LeBron.

Clifford Musonda ‘s `pedophilia’ tweet causes pandemonium

sowellnomics defamatory wix site has been removed

I sent a takedown request regarding the Wix site that defamed Sherlin Govender (aka @Sowellnomics)

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Liam’s pregnancy tweet infuriates users