ANEESA CASSIM HOSTS A TWITTER SPACE to indoctrinate users about her being innocent

Last night , Thursday 19 May 2022 , Aneesa Cassim using one of her ghost accounts @the_anni3 hosted a twitter space and invited a few people. Obviously those who where blocked by her wouldn’t have heard anything. Anyhow – apparently she blamed me Deon Fialkov for being the one creating all the accounts – when she has no proof – only her word against mine. However I have more than a thousand screenshots showing her and her crowd harassing me. So stop with the twitter spaces – everyone knows you’re guilty of harassment and doxxing. Dear Aneesa Cassim – if you were so innocent , UNLOCK the profile @the_anni3_0 that you conveniently renamed to a few months ago to HIDE YOUR HARASSING USERS including me.