ANEESA CASSIM is a bullshitter for likes and retweets

Ever since Deon Fialkov was defamed 3 times by the media and they didn’t feature his side of the story , many trolls appeared trying to get relevance by contacting the media online to harass Deon Fialkov further.

Anyhow, a user `Aneesa Cassim’ – who clearly has zero credibility has started defaming Deon Fialkov both on facebook and twitter based on ASSumptions.

Here is one of her many ghost accounts that was suspended for being abusive on twitter.

As you can clearly see her threat to stalk Deon Fialkov by creating accounts randomly.

So, dear Aneesa Cassim (if that’s even your real name), post

your FULL NAME AND SURNAME with your REAL PROFILE PHOTO on your current twitter profile and then maybe you will have a bit of believability.

Until then, I will be lodging another formal complaint with IC3 about your behaviour online.


Deon Fialkov