ANTON BRIEL is harassing Deon Fialkov from his 50th ghost account

Another user who gets turned on by bullying Deon Fialkov is @Foooker50 , Anton Briel – with his 50th ghost account.

He loves to threaten to harm/hurt Deon Fialkov should `he be in Cape Town’.

What is funny to see is how many of your followers simply retweet the shite you tweet, without even asking for facts.

Must be nice to have stupid followers.


Meet me at the police station and you’ll have to explain WHY YOU HAD 49 other ghost accounts used to harass users online…

I have screenshots of everything you’ve done from there…

STOP telling people that they must go to the police.

As much as you get your likes and retweets, I will get your ghost account suspended.

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  • Anton Briel

    I had to make my twitter profile private because I am jealous of you Deon Fialkov.

    You are a celebrity. I’m a nobody.

    I love you.