Baby Ngema socialmedia challenge

Socialmedia can be extremely interesting.

Today I witnessed the following tweet by Baby Ngema:

He asked Nina Hastie, a presenter on TrendingSA, how many retweets for her to go out with him for lunch.

She replied: 1785 retweets

Anyhow – his post was retweeted far more times than that , 2362 and this was Nina’s reply:

So I thought that it would be nice to follow up with Baby Ngema so his fans could know more about him.

Full Name: Baby Ngema
Age : 21 years old
Originally from Newcastle KZN, Now residing in PTA @BabyNgema both on twitter and IG, don’t have Facebook… Studying, doing final year at TUT

What made you do that tweet ?

The tweet was made because I love Nina and Monday’s episode of TSA she was wearing a red dress and I was just like god I wanna I wanna meet this beautiful woman in real life. I’ve actually loved Nina since I started watching TSA .