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Some users create mayhem on twitter

If the #Springboks win today, can we safely conclude that winning is dependent on whether Presidents have the general approval of settlers and WMC — IG: @leighmathys (@LeighMathys) November 2, 2019 I hope Ramaphosa puts Siya in his plane when he comes back home. When the colony of England losses the kith & keen

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How FAKE can you be on facebook ?

Either someone from facebook support couldn’t care to moderate properly or not enough users are reporting fake profiles to facebook to get removed. I wasn’t sure about posting this list because it would give the respective users time to change their outgoing names to their own names. Here are just some that I have found

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Some imbecile created a FAKE PROFILE , impersonating me. Please report FAKE PROFILE to twitter as fake. Even the bio makes no sense.

Forgot MTN cell number – how to find it ?

Step 1: Put the sim card of the unknown number into your phone. Step 2: Power on phone and see if it has been unregistered. Step 3: If it has been unregistered, toss it away as it’s useless. Step 4: *123*888# to get the number. If that doesn’t work, send a please call me. Send

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Suzanne F Boswell Gymnastic Thread

Last night, Simone Biles successfully performed a triple double, and the entire world is (correctly) freaking out. For those interested in the background, here is a short thread explaining *why* the triple double is so difficult. — Suzanne F. Boswell (@sf_boswell) August 12, 2019 First, the basics: a triple double = a double back

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Miriam Botha and Julius Malema

Hallo @Julius_S_Malema hereby written confirmation to you to stop the call for farm murders within 72 hours. I beg you to. Do not make me come after you. I am not a paid bot, this is real. — Miriam (@BothaMiriam) June 2, 2019 O tagilwe ke klipdrift n coke. — Julius Sello Malema (@Julius_S_Malema) June

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Twitter is SUSPENDING any profile that seems to be a `clone’ of a suspended profile

This week, we are suspending accounts for attempting to evade an account suspension. These accounts were previously suspended for abusive behavior or evading a previous suspension, and are not allowed to continue using Twitter. — Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) August 14, 2018 Twitter has implemented a method of suspending a profile if it somehow seems to

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Former president Jacob Zuma has joined twitter. He posted his first tweet after 9am but 15 minutes later he had already reached over a 1000 followers. He is not following anyone as yet. His first post was a video of himself sitting in front of a piano. He faces the camera and says: “Hello everyone

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