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Some imbecile created a FAKE PROFILE , impersonating me. Please report FAKE PROFILE to twitter as fake. Even the bio makes no sense.

Forgot MTN cell number – how to find it ?

Step 1: Put the sim card of the unknown number into your phone. Step 2: Power on phone and see if it has been unregistered. Step 3: If it has been unregistered, toss it away as it’s useless. Step 4: *123*888# to get the number. If that doesn’t work, send a please call me. Send

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Suzanne F Boswell Gymnastic Thread

Last night, Simone Biles successfully performed a triple double, and the entire world is (correctly) freaking out. For those interested in the background, here is a short thread explaining *why* the triple double is so difficult. — Suzanne F. Boswell (@sf_boswell) August 12, 2019 First, the basics: a triple double = a double back

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Users boasting about reporting other users on twitter

You are not supposed to know who reports you on twitter for possibly breaching their rules, however some people are posting screenshots of their updates to reporting users. — LaquishaAtWar (@MurrayLaquisha) April 21, 2019 — LaquishaAtWar (@MurrayLaquisha) May 17, 2019 #purgedbyhendrik 😳 — Âme (@Ame1Rej) June 29, 2019 😂#purgedbyhendrik #fakegumede —

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Miriam Botha and Julius Malema

Hallo @Julius_S_Malema hereby written confirmation to you to stop the call for farm murders within 72 hours. I beg you to. Do not make me come after you. I am not a paid bot, this is real. — Miriam (@BothaMiriam) June 2, 2019 O tagilwe ke klipdrift n coke. — Julius Sello Malema (@Julius_S_Malema) June

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Twitter is SUSPENDING any profile that seems to be a `clone’ of a suspended profile

This week, we are suspending accounts for attempting to evade an account suspension. These accounts were previously suspended for abusive behavior or evading a previous suspension, and are not allowed to continue using Twitter. — Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) August 14, 2018 Twitter has implemented a method of suspending a profile if it somehow seems to

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Former president Jacob Zuma has joined twitter. He posted his first tweet after 9am but 15 minutes later he had already reached over a 1000 followers. He is not following anyone as yet. His first post was a video of himself sitting in front of a piano. He faces the camera and says: “Hello everyone

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Hope from Pretoria wins R 250 airtime competition

Hope from Pretoria won the #MondayConfessionsWithDeonFialkov R 250 airtime competition. Well done Hope !! CONGRATULATIONS go to @Hopiie3 FOR WINNING THE R 250 #MondayConfessionsWithDeonFialkov AIRTIME VOUCHER competition !! — PLEASE DM ME SO I CAN GIVE YOU THE PRIZE — — Deon Fialkov (@DeonFialkov777) October 13, 2018 Thank u so much ❤🌻 —

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