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Stop sharing , posting the sex tape of Cyan Boujee. She never consented to herself being filmed having sex and is now being body-shamed and cyber-bullied as a result of it.

mrsubdj tiktok account does moronic video

A Cape Town man went viral on social media after revealing that he would like the taxis strike to continue as his life is better off without them on the road. He is heard saying in the video: “Okay, hear me out. We need to figure out a way to keep the taxis on strike.

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Aneesa Cassim is stalking user SkyeZedA

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Julius Malema’s ANAL tweet

Did Julius Malema get hacked on that day and forget to delete the tweet or did he buy the twitter account from someone else who does those types of tweets ? Archived tweet

More users come forward about BiancavanWyk16 bullying them online

More users have come forward about BiancavanWyk16 (notice the 16) after her name – to show how many accounts she had before this account became her main account. Her previous accounts were suspended for hateful conduct. Those who wish to lodge formal complaints about Bianca van Wyk – please send email Screenshots of Bianca

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BiancavanWyk16 minions who promote cyber-bullying

Many users are retweeting the defamatory posts about Deon Fialkov without questioning Bianca van Wyk’s lies. These users will be listed here as the cyber-bullies that form her cyber-bullying team. Naturally those that are listed here will have their accounts reported and soon to get suspended as a result.

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