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Who is @raisingmenalone ?

I’ve been seeing this twitter account for some time and it seems to be asking for financial assistance, however a deep twitter search shows a different truth. Firstly, the account used to be @fatherwidow Well now we know why he changed his username from @fatherwidow to @raisingmenalone As soon as people called him out for

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Bianca van Wyk thinks she’s a lawyer

Dear Bianca van Wyk, I have warned you numerous times to leave my name out of your mouth and you refused to listen. Now I’ll make this blog-posting go viral so people will know exactly what kind of filth you are. What is happening with the courtcase where @SkyeZedA is suing you for defamation ?

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Qmylifenow was NOT Deon Fialkov

Bianca van Wyk @BiancavanWyk16 indoctrinated her twitter followers that the twitter account @Qmylifenow was Deon Fialkov. Obviously her followers were too doff to question her so they retweet her nonsense. Bianca van Wyk – stop being a liar. Tell the truth. This is NOT the first time you’ve been caught out as a LIAR. Here’s

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Chef Way gets cancelled

A user who used to use the twitter username @WaymoTheGod rebranded as a Chef. However his past tweets where he insulted black women has come to light and people aren’t happy with him. He issued an apology But people never forgot about his previous username and the tweets that was associated to it and replied

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BiancavanWyk16 busted for harassing multiple users

Before Elon Musk bought twitter – @BiancavanWyk16 would have been permanently suspended for hateful conduct, abusive behaviour , posting violent threats , exposing private information – but now we will have to wait for Twitter Support to get their act together. So it looks like @BiancavanWyk16 is getting special treatment from twitter as her account

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