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DailyMail deletes article about Veritas-undercover video

Unsure why DailyMail deleted the article about Veritas-undercover video but the archived link is

Jessica Fernandez viral tiktok about `creepy guy in gym’

Jessica Fernandez who is jessica.frndz on tiktok documented an extremely uncomfortable experience in gym. The video went viral. Joe Swoll who has 2 million followers on instagram gave his opinion on her `creepy guy’ video.

Cardi B replies creatively to a user

Seems that anything is possible on socialmedia. Cardi B who has 29.3 million followers on twitter replied to a user who only has 151 followers. A user @fortheegayssss asked how does Cardi B masturbates with those very long fingernails and Cardi B – who wasn’t even tagged in the tweet – actually replied. Cardi B’s

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Who is @raisingmenalone ?

I’ve been seeing this twitter account for some time and it seems to be asking for financial assistance, however a deep twitter search shows a different truth. Firstly, the account used to be @fatherwidow Well now we know why he changed his username from @fatherwidow to @raisingmenalone As soon as people called him out for

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