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Users who are looking for jobs. Guys lets help a Brother Out.. He is in desperate need of a Job.. Let's Rt until he gets a Job… Thank You in Advance — AfroTunes (@Lee_TinoSA) July 10, 2019


#ItsDangerousTo open a porn video without adjusting the media volume 😂😂🤣🤣🤣 — T-Pee (@Peza_Ramango) June 20, 2019 #ItsDangerousTo to regard someone as your best friend when actually they are competing with you🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️ — Imbokodo🤺🤺🤺 (@finexcgroup) June 20, 2019 #ItsDangerousTo wait for the perfect moment bcoz a perfect moment does not exist. Have the

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Nkosikho Mbele, 28 years old came to Monet van Deventer’s aid when she realised she had left her card at home and thus unable to pay for petrol. He gave R 100 of his own money to her because he didn’t want to see her stranded on the N2. Well done to #NkosikhoMbele . Your

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Can we be friends !! #uMjoloWithAzola — The real bendalo dolly (@Bendalo90) May 26, 2019 I'm not looking for anything, ngiyanigabisela nje 😂😂😂😂#uMjoloWithAzola — Fisokuhle Zwane (@Physoh_Madness) May 26, 2019 #uMjoloWithAzola Like this I'll follow you first 💜…follow back please 💖 — Thato Lati💕♋ (@SelapaThato) May 26, 2019 Friends please preferably females

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#AfterVotingIExpect to see: -Young People in Parliament-Free Decolonized Education -Expropriation of Land-Black businesses flourish-Real Jobs-Decent Housing-Winnie Mandela Int. Airport – Arrests of Corrupt Politicians– Arrests of Steinhoff looters Or else kuzonyiwa 🙃 — uNdlunkulu Xoli 👑 (@uNdlunkulu_Xoli) May 8, 2019 #AfterVotingIExpect boarders to be closed & everyone who comes into the country to be documented.

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#IWantToVoteBut My parents been voting since 94 and still living in a shack, while the people they were voting for are in mansions. — God's Son😌 (@MbusoLanga4) May 6, 2019 #iWantToVoteBut I will be at work making money to pay medical aid because public hospitals kill people! — N E W J A

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#PromiseLikeAPolitician as the ANC we will continue to fight against corruption. — Its Njebs who (@CallMeNjebs) May 1, 2019 #PromiseLikeAPolitician ANC be like: — Man's Not Barry Roux  (@AdvBarryRoux) May 1, 2019 #PromiseLikeAPolitician "We will build 10 million houses in the next 2 weeks" 25 Years later👇🏾…🙄 — 👑Steez🍃🇿🇦 (@Thee_Steezy) May

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#Loadshedding survival starter pack. Let's go! 😂😂😂 #LoadsheddingSurvivalTips — Cathy Bulelwa Mgwayi (@MsCatheee) March 19, 2019 Buy a free standing house.Those poverty lessons we all got growing up cannot be implemented in a flat…#Loadshedding#LoadsheddingSurvivalTips — November (@Owvember) March 19, 2019 One of the #LoadsheddingSurvivalTips would be for all South Africans to drop everything,

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Woolworths has agreed to partner up with 3 men who went viral for discovering the ‘secret power’ of Woolworths water. #Woolieswaterchallenge 😹😹@MossBanele @MabokoItumeleng @gomolemon_ @Bab_Sinkila — Oom Sinkila (@Bab_Sinkila) March 10, 2019 Your video is exquisite and we’d love to amalgamate with you 😉Sliding into your DMs now…#keepitgoing #keepitflowing #WooliesWaterChallenge — Woolworths SA

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Danny K and Helen Zille

I'm totally bewildered with the lack of empathy shown by many white South Africans. You don't need to be woke to get that for the most part we have benefited from the marginalisation and exclusion of people of colour. Own your priveldge, appreciate it and pay it forward 🇿🇦 — Danny K (@dannykmusic) March 8,

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