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Let's be honest!If the UK, Italy, US and France come up with some huge amount of money, for this test to be carried out on Africans most of our leaders would lead the way without looking back. Cry all you want! Money over you! 5G in Nigeria #AfricansAreNotLabRats — 🇳🇬WOLEXZ TRICKS 💯🇳🇬 (@wolexz_tricks) April 4,

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Norwegian prime minister and minister of health handshake situation after corona briefing.#coronapocalypse#FridayThe13th — Nazmi TARIM (@tarimnazmi) March 13, 2020 Yep. Husband is working from home and I’m over here questioning my career choices. 🥴 #coronapocalypse — Adrienne (@RN_at_ur_cervix) March 13, 2020 Nobody: Me and the homies in quarantine, with coronavirus and closed schools

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#YouGlowDifferentWhen you have a personal relationship with God — Thelonewolf (@RichardEnforcer) March 2, 2020 #YouGlowDifferentWhen you know what's meant to be will eventually be. — Mxolisi Dlams (@mxola_dlams) March 2, 2020 #YouGlowDifferentWhen You master the art of protecting your peace. — L I N D A N I🇿🇦 (@EraError) March 2, 2020

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#WeKeptQuietAsACountry When Telkom is treating us like trash with their network coverage — God's defence General (@kay_raps) February 27, 2020 #WeKeptQuietAsACountry when someone gave us Paper Straws — MANDLA-M (@MandlaMhlanga_) February 28, 2020 #WeKeptQuietAsACountry when our parents told us as children that we were bought in hospitals — NO•HYENAS (@ndzalamausinga) February 28,

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The CIC on TAX increase, he says it was not going to be a welcomed move. #BudgetSpeech2020 — Slotarnet Dube (@SlotarnetD) February 27, 2020 This speech is going against conventional expectations. Nice.#Budget2020#BudgetSpeech2020 — Khaya Sithole (@CoruscaKhaya) February 26, 2020 #BudgetSpeech2020Child grant- R445Shared like : Baby mama-200Baby daddy – 200Bundle of joy -45Everyone wins

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Brands unite because of a #KFCProposal

What an amazing scenario to see trending today : #KFCProposal A guy proposed to the woman he loves inside KFC and someone captured it and posted it online for other users to see. Brands eventually joined in for the happy couple: Mzansi please help us find this beautiful couple, re batla ho ba blesser 😊

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#SingleFlames I hope I'm not too late future hubby 😉😎 — Zwanga 👑 (@missZwanga) September 1, 2019 My DM is Open guys #SingleFlames — Kelly (@_kelebohile_) September 1, 2019 My neighbor doesn't have Twitter he asked me to check if his girlfriend is here…. #SingleFlames — @Kagiso wa Motswana/Hunter. (@Kagiso14303996) September 1,

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Nozipho Qwathekazi aka nozmillionfaces

The user Nozmillionfaces (REAL NAME: NOZIPHO QWATHEKAZI) who thought that it would be cool to tarnish my name , but she forgot one thing. I HAVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HER. Here’s just some of it:


Hello everyone I have been watching this unfold about me but it seems that no-one wants to tell my side of the story. So let me share THE REAL STORY of what happened. If I, Deon Fialkov, had something to hide … WHY WOULD I share my story from my 70 000 follower twitter profile

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