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Why the word Poes trended for 2 days

I could not believe that the word , `poes’ trended for 2 days on twitter. At one stage, it was the highest trend in South Africa, position 1: A journalist was interviewing Julius Malema. Towards the end of the interview, the journalist, mouthed something and people started assuming what the word was. Julius Malema is

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South Africans are in safe hands Boko Haram won’t survive here. #BokoHaramChallenge — Man's Not Barry Roux  (@AdvBarryRoux) September 5, 2019 Someone said this #BokoHaramChallenge is not a good idea.Someone replied: Atleast we'll die laughing! I'm un-able to can! 😩😩😩🤣🤣🤣🤣 — Minenhle Kunene 🇿🇦 (@MinenhleKunene_) September 4, 2019 On a serious note, what

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#SingleFlames I hope I'm not too late future hubby 😉😎 — Zwanga 👑 (@missZwanga) September 1, 2019 My DM is Open guys #SingleFlames — Kelly (@_kelebohile_) September 1, 2019 My neighbor doesn't have Twitter he asked me to check if his girlfriend is here…. #SingleFlames — @Kagiso wa Motswana/Hunter. (@Kagiso14303996) September 1,

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Users who are looking for jobs. Guys lets help a Brother Out.. He is in desperate need of a Job.. Let's Rt until he gets a Job… Thank You in Advance — AfroTunes (@Lee_TinoSA) July 10, 2019


#ItsDangerousTo open a porn video without adjusting the media volume 😂😂🤣🤣🤣 — T-Pee (@Peza_Ramango) June 20, 2019 #ItsDangerousTo to regard someone as your best friend when actually they are competing with you🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️ — Imbokodo🤺🤺🤺 (@finexcgroup) June 20, 2019 #ItsDangerousTo wait for the perfect moment bcoz a perfect moment does not exist. Have the

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Nkosikho Mbele, 28 years old came to Monet van Deventer’s aid when she realised she had left her card at home and thus unable to pay for petrol. He gave R 100 of his own money to her because he didn’t want to see her stranded on the N2. Well done to #NkosikhoMbele . Your

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Can we be friends !! #uMjoloWithAzola — The real bendalo dolly (@Bendalo90) May 26, 2019 I'm not looking for anything, ngiyanigabisela nje 😂😂😂😂#uMjoloWithAzola — Fisokuhle Zwane (@Physoh_Madness) May 26, 2019 #uMjoloWithAzola Like this I'll follow you first 💜…follow back please 💖 — Thato Lati💕♋ (@SelapaThato) May 26, 2019 Friends please preferably females

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#AfterVotingIExpect to see: -Young People in Parliament-Free Decolonized Education -Expropriation of Land-Black businesses flourish-Real Jobs-Decent Housing-Winnie Mandela Int. Airport – Arrests of Corrupt Politicians– Arrests of Steinhoff looters Or else kuzonyiwa 🙃 — uNdlunkulu Xoli 👑 (@uNdlunkulu_Xoli) May 8, 2019 #AfterVotingIExpect boarders to be closed & everyone who comes into the country to be documented.

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#IWantToVoteBut My parents been voting since 94 and still living in a shack, while the people they were voting for are in mansions. — God's Son😌 (@MbusoLanga4) May 6, 2019 #iWantToVoteBut I will be at work making money to pay medical aid because public hospitals kill people! — N E W J A

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#PromiseLikeAPolitician as the ANC we will continue to fight against corruption. — Its Njebs who (@CallMeNjebs) May 1, 2019 #PromiseLikeAPolitician ANC be like: — Man's Not Barry Roux  (@AdvBarryRoux) May 1, 2019 #PromiseLikeAPolitician "We will build 10 million houses in the next 2 weeks" 25 Years later👇🏾…🙄 — 👑Steez🍃🇿🇦 (@Thee_Steezy) May

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