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Timing of a tweet

Well this seems to happen a lot online but I will try to document it for only happening on twitter. Unsure whether people are just lazy , too much effort to think of a new tweet or just wanted to see whether anyone would actually notice. RT if you think Siyabonga Twala was meant to

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Does twitter care about harassment ?

I’m sure that there are many scenarios very similar to this. This is just one of them featuring here. Hi there! Every time I report harassment, I get a wave. As a demonstration, I'm RTing what I got for reporting this: — Sady Doyle (@sadydoyle) August 25, 2016 And here is @Support's reaction to

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Want a FREE EMAIL address ?

Looking for a FREE EMAIL ADDRESS. Here is a list of some FREE ones : HOTMAIL YAHOO MAIL GMAIL If you have other sites that are FREE, please comment in the comment section below and I will update the list.

Fire Tweets

This post will be constantly updated as it features fire tweets. Tweets that have been retweeted more than 100 times because they had a great effect on people: If you can't take a joke then get off twitter — ?? (@SweaterGawdd) February 5, 2017 If you're already late.. Take your time.. You can't be

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Have you deactivated your facebook profile ?

Whether you want to spend less time online , on social-media or on facebook – sometimes deactivating a profile is the way forward. Have you deactivated your facebook profile ? Dipped into my facebook for the first time in 3 months. Nothing has changed. Baby pictures, lover photos and so on. #deactivated #nothanks — Almost

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Inactive profiles

Ever seen a profile on twitter that has been inactive for more than 3 months ? Yes, I have seen many. I really do not understand why twitter can’t start deleting these profiles off the platform. NEGATIVES of these inactive profiles 1) They get tagged in discussions yet are not the right profiles 2) They

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The other day someone I met on Facebook blocked me for some reason. They didn’t make the reason known. Usually it doesn’t bother me who blocks me, but it would be nice to know the reason. As my memory is rather good, I remembered what she looked like in her photos from her online profile

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Facebook asked me for government-issued ID

Social-media can be fun and sometimes very strange. I was logged out of my facebook profile and this very strange error appeared: Yes, you read it correctly. Suddenly I have to send my government-issued ID to verify who I say I am , to gain access to my profile on a social-media site. So Facebook

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TweetGuru gets trolled

Kholisa Skweyiya , better known as the TweetGuru on twitter was asked to be on the show TrendingSA on SABC 3 20 December 2016. Since he featured, he has many more followers but haters have also appeared. This posting will show you who the haters are and the lengths they will go to tarnish his

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Dodgy request from facebook representative

The other day I was logged out of my facebook profile and asked to verify my identity with my government-issued ID. I wasn’t sure if I trusted the site with my ID but as that profile was admin of my business fan-page – I sent my ID. A few days later , I assumed that

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