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Easy to find Reporting Options On Twitter

To find the 3 most important options on twitter regarding abuse , is a nightmare. Here is the easy list of options: Report an abusive user Report for posting private information Report for impersonation [sgmb id=”1″]

Anastasia Marchenkova gets harassed on twitter

Anastasia Marchenkova was harassed on twitter in the DMs (Direct Messages). I’ve never put someone in the hotseat, but this person has 25k followers in the tech community and sending messages like this. Even yesterday he was retweeting me so not sure what happened @haysstanford — Anastasia Marchenkova (@amarchenkova) June 12, 2021 For context

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Twitter is Promoting Malware on its platform

I have been monitoring the source-code of the link that is being promoted here: Get More Twitter Followers Thank you 🙂 — ally (@bakugouvie) April 1, 2020 The link allows you to get FREE FOLLOWERS , BUT in exchange for the FREE FOLLOWERS – you auto-spam everyone that is following you – a link

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User who was reggyworldwide caused mayhem on twitter

You’re such a vile and disgusting person. To go to such extents to feed your small ego. I hope you get what’s coming to you. Sies. Lmao and you thought we wouldn’t know. Lol @reggyworldwide — louis prada gucci (@Thandokazii_PM) July 9, 2020 — louis prada gucci (@Thandokazii_PM) July 9, 2020 Thread:

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Nozipho Qoko Qwathekazi aka NozMillionfaces is PERVERTED

This imbecile who spoke shit about Deon Fialkov to the media for attention from her ghost account @NozMillionfaces is Nozipho Qoko Qwathekazi DEAR NOZIPHO QWATHEKAZI , try be HONEST with people – instead of being an ATTENTION-SEEKING IMBECILE. Funny how the media indoctrinated people about me taking tweets out of context to make people sound

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Lerato Mannya tries to cancel Michael Bucwa

Lerato Mannya tweeted something so insane. By the time she realised what a mess she had done it was too late. Lerato Mannya told her followers not to engage with Michael Bucwa because he makes money from engagement. But so many users use twitter for business – are you Lerato Mannya, planning to cancel all

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When you JUDGE someone based on your ASSumptions

Your Kin @WotanZA 😂😂 A white guy with a black guy as an Avi has no room to talk. Focus on getting the lingo down before handing out advice White Boy😉 — Bianca van Wyk (@BiancavanWyk16) July 15, 2020 You rang? P.S. Nice dodge on answering any of my points. — Exiled Wotan

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Imbecile Indoctrination

Dear imbeciles I know that if you google Deon Fialkov , the IOL link defaming him is the first one to appear. This is NOT rocket-science to find that information. But show me a GUILTY VERDICT from a court-case from the IOL article ? I’ll wait… Look who wants to get more followers by defaming

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For anyone that is sharing the defamatory links about Deon Fialkov on IOL, please note that DEON FIALKOV was NOT allowed to sue the media for defamation because of the waiver he signed so that the complaint he wrote to the IOL ombudsman would be read. Didn’t realise that the person that was Press Ombudsman

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