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Facebook wants users to use REAL IDENTITIES … but

Many users have brought it to my attention that facebook is asking them to upload real photos of themselves and even asking for their IDentity documents to prove that they are real people but how do you explain the following ? Here’s just a 1 person search that I did : As you can clearly

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Telling others to block someone is cyber-bullying

As much as you believe that you are a good human-being, telling someone to block someone else purely because you do not like them is CYBER-BULLYING and you really shouldn’t be allowed to have a profile online. Lately I have seen random users block me , even screenshotting profiles that they believe are mine –

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What amazes me about the crap that was written about me was that I did more than 500 reports to twitter for all the bullies harassing me – yet nothing was done to help me. After sending detailed reports about users harassing me on twitter , I received feedback from my reports: As you can

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Users boasting about reporting other users

You are not supposed to know who reports you on twitter, but some users love to boast about it. Before I used to share the tweet of the user who was boasting but they got suspended and their tweets were thus inaccessible so it was easier to put screenshots of their tweets on here.

Could one friend please copy and repost?

Could one friend please copy and repost? I am trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.#SuicideAwareness It only takes one person to make a life and death difference…. Please reply "Done" and RT when you've participated. — Julie Plec (@julieplec) June 12, 2019 Could one friend please copy and repost? I am trying to

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Matt Steele is amazing

I stumbled across this tweet of Matt Steele and it’s simply amazing. I built a GitHub Action to dispense candy whenever I commit code — Matt Steele (@mattdsteele) September 16, 2019

Deon Fialkov gets impersonated on Instagram

Found out recently via one of my haters that I have also been impersonated on instagram. I DO NOT USE INSTAGRAM. Please REPORT all instances of Deon Fialkov on instagram as fake. Thank you.

Doreen Morris has a WTF-just happened saga

Public bylaws and ordinances Twitter kindly advise. I am parked on a public street, Kelvin Rd in Morningside, Sandton. First security then a resident ordered me to leave stating that I am on his property. Is that accurate, seeing that his wall is about 10 meters away. — Doreen Morris (@DoreenMorris) August 26, 2019

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