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User midkemia69 causes mayhem on twitter

So this poephol likes to body shame women on twitter and send DMs saying "fuck you're an ugly bitch" @midkemia69 I DARE YOU SAY THIS ON OPEN TWITTER TO WOMEN. It's fucked up man. Get a life! — 😷MaskedScientist😷 (@TattooedMom79) January 22, 2021 This lovely human @midkemia69 decides to send @Tall_Lady_ this DM this morning

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My TIKTOK profile was permanently banned

My TikTok profile DeonFialkov777 TikTok profile was permanently banned over the weekend , without any explanation. If anyone knows how to get hold of TikTok support, please let me know ?

The First Tweeters

Ever wondered who were the first users to tweet on twitter ? Well here they are:


For anyone that is sharing the defamatory links about Deon Fialkov on IOL, please note that DEON FIALKOV was NOT allowed to sue the media for defamation because of the waiver he signed so that the complaint he wrote to the IOL ombudsman would be read. Didn’t realise that the person that was Press Ombudsman

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Jean le Roux gets reported to the FBI for DOXXing users on twitter

Many users have reported Jean le Roux to the FBI for doxxing their private information onto twitter using `investigation’ as an excuse to justify his illegal behaviour. CIPRO FRAUD DIVISION has been alerted to his behaviour of using their database to conveniently post detailed information about someone who Jean le Roux `hates’ online. So Nasper's

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