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Are you able to view this website?

Some people are emailing me to say that they are unable to visit my website and are asking if I blocked their IP address. I haven’t blocked any IP address. Send me an email you have been blocked or leave a comment on this blog-posting. Will try and resolve your issue within 24 hours.

Revenge Porn Posted in Telegram Groups

Someone even suggested that Aziza Toeffie contact Carte Blanche regarding this revenge-porn scenario. If you'd like to suggest a story please do so here This is the best route for your story to be picked up. — Carte Blanche (@carteblanchetv) April 5, 2020 Whether Carte Blanche followed up , doing a story – I

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Bianca van Wyk triggers Afrikaners about the `farm murder narrative’

When are we going to talk about this aspect of Farm Murders? @BustingSa thanks for sharing – I wasn’t aware. — Bianca van Wyk (@BiancavanWyk16) April 4, 2021 If you can, watch Carte Blanche tonight. — Bianca van Wyk (@BiancavanWyk16) April 4, 2021 When a young #Groblersdal farmer was murdered in October last

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DEAR BIANCA VAN WYK AS I SAID MANY TIMES, I AM NOT COMING ONTO TWITTER TO INTERACT WITH YOUR TWITTER ACCOUNT just so you can get your minions to harass me , threaten me , stalk me , defame me. MY `RETALIATION’ is here on the blog. Interesting to see how 3 different LOCKED GHOST

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Seth Rotherham real name

I always look at what is happening online and found such an interesting piece about someone I only knew as Seth Rotherham. Now I see that Seth Rotherham isn’t even his real name , it’s a pseudonym. I am so disappointed that I’ve been lied to all my time online. More about this revelation can

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User Natz_online is the disinformation specialist

It’s been a while since I’ve seen such an idiot online but well done @Natz_online for indoctrinating your minions with your bullshit. PS. Go to the police – open up a case … I’ll wait. Remember as soon as you give your IDENTITY to the police – EVERYONE that hates you will get the same

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One brave woman has taken on the disinformation trolls. The trolls are trying to silence her by reporting her profile, after blocking her. This brave woman is YOLANDA NICOLSON. Mmmm interesting you are anti spying but yet you seem to support those who do & go about #CancelCulture …this particular character doesn't like being called

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