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The First Tweeters

Ever wondered who were the first users to tweet on twitter ? Well here they are:


For anyone that is sharing the defamatory links about Deon Fialkov on IOL, please note that DEON FIALKOV was NOT allowed to sue the media for defamation because of the waiver he signed so that the complaint he wrote to the IOL ombudsman would be read. Didn’t realise that the person that was Press Ombudsman

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Jean le Roux gets reported to the FBI for DOXXing users on twitter

Many users have reported Jean le Roux to the FBI for doxxing their private information onto twitter using `investigation’ as an excuse to justify his illegal behaviour. CIPRO FRAUD DIVISION has been alerted to his behaviour of using their database to conveniently post detailed information about someone who Jean le Roux `hates’ online. So Nasper's

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Cyber bully and stalker populistmorons finally suspended

The user who created the twitter profile @populistmorons has finally been suspended. Many users were boasting about her getting suspended. Bye bye. — Danie Barnard (@DaanBarnard) October 29, 2020 I did say it was my duty and I would keep an eye on this account — TheFace (@TheFace34) October 29, 2020 Shame, take

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17 vs 17

17 vs 17. — chocolate starfish (@Khristen) August 26, 2020 How racist do you have to be at 17YO to get out of house with a riffle with the sole plan to shoot at BLM protesters. I just CAN’T comprehend it. — ℑ (@_16_xvi) August 27, 2020

Many users battle depression …

Many users battle with depression. Many reasons lead to depression: negativity, financial stress, bullying , cyber-bullying, unemployment , etc. Here are just a few users I saw who are telling the world that they have scars but are trying to overcome depression … They are inspirational individuals. A month Clean ♥️ — IG: @mpuse_ann

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Deon Fialkov is a world influencer

One would think that the haters that shared the defamatory articles about Deon Fialkov were getting paid to do so , but they’re not. They are too useless to think for themselves.

ANEESA CASSIM is a bullshitter for likes and retweets

Ever since Deon Fialkov was defamed 3 times by the media and they didn’t feature his side of the story , many trolls appeared trying to get relevance by contacting the media online to harass Deon Fialkov further. Anyhow, a user `Aneesa Cassim’ – who clearly has zero credibility has started defaming Deon Fialkov both

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