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Theuns Nothnagel who hides his identity behind ghost account bynaturenawty is spreading malicious lies about Deon Fialkov yet again. Deon Fialkov is suing Theuns Nothnagel for defamation and crimen injuria. Anyone retweeting anything that bynaturenawty tweets about Deon Fialkov will be liable for dissemination of defamatory material too. Larry Swart, Yolanda Nicolson are also suing

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Friends of mine have alerted me to the fact that Tracey Manus is defaming me with her malicious lies and false accusations yet again. For the media that would like to report on the story, please make sure you READ ALL THE LETTERS TO THE PRESS OMBUDSMAN that were ignored: Letter to Press Ombudsman 28

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knorkop the SEX PEST Cyber Stalker is back with a 2020 profile

User that was harassing Deon Fialkov’s every movement online : @knorkop was suspended for being abusive 00:25am Sunday 29 December 2019. Well he’s back with an August 2020 profile to continue his reign of terror. The difference though is that Deon Fialkov has already handed over his IP addresses to the FBI to investigate of

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17 vs 17

17 vs 17. — chocolate starfish (@Khristen) August 26, 2020 How racist do you have to be at 17YO to get out of house with a riffle with the sole plan to shoot at BLM protesters. I just CAN’T comprehend it. — ℑ (@_16_xvi) August 27, 2020

Many users battle depression …

Many users battle with depression. Many reasons lead to depression: negativity, financial stress, bullying , cyber-bullying, unemployment , etc. Here are just a few users I saw who are telling the world that they have scars but are trying to overcome depression … They are inspirational individuals. A month Clean ♥️ — IG: @mpuse_ann

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Deon Fialkov is suing Theuns Nothnagel for defamation

It has been a while since I’ve had such a serious stalker to deal with. Not only is Theuns Nothnagel posting photos of `Deon Fialkov’ with a malicious caption but he’s too much of a coward to do it from a twitter profile showing his real name and surname. As I said before , he

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Deon Fialkov is a world influencer

One would think that the haters that shared the defamatory articles about Deon Fialkov were getting paid to do so , but they’re not. They are too useless to think for themselves.

Renaldo Gouws sues Mr Naidoo for defamation

I've become a target with the woke left and their attempts to smear and discredit me. I have decided enough is enough and that it's time accountability is served. So make sure of your "facts" before you come for me. I won't spare a cent. I refuse to back down #TimesAreChanging — Renaldo "Ngamla"

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