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Grant Nicol is a cyber bully sex pest

Another imbecile who hates women is Grant Nicol. Grant Nicol insulted a woman publicly and Peter Phillipson was one of the users who went after him online: Grant Nicol had Peter Phillipson suspended because that is what a coward like him does. GRANT NICOL loves to harass users on twitter for likes and retweets…

Cyber stalker Natz_online is getting monitored by Twitter

A woman , who hides her identity and what she looks like behind ghost account @Natz_online is being monitored by Twitter Support. This user spews bullshit and defamatory tweets about random users. Because her twitter profile is 10 years old , she seems to think her long standing with twitter has made her invincible. Wow

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Mark Zuckerberg is not verified on twitter – why not ?

Many people have impersonated Mark Zuckerberg, but this is the only profile that has more than 430 000 followers Tell your congressmen you want them to be pro-internet. My Facebook post is here: — Mark Zuckerberg (@finkd) January 18, 2012 He’s only done 19 tweets, last used his twitter 18 January 2012. If this

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More victims come forward about Bianca van Wyk’s bullying

This lady insults my intelligence. This is an insult. — Phumlani M. Majozi (@PhumlaniMMajozi) September 6, 2020 The lady is just projecting- ‘stick n stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me’ and all of that — Peter Walsh (@PeteWalsh_ZAR) September 6, 2020 Don't engage with her. — AP (@AvrilPetersen1) September

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One of the many TERRORIST GHOST ACCOUNTS talking shit about DEON FIALKOV for likes and retweets. Well your profile is being handed over to FBI for processing your criminal activities. You won’t be hiding for long behind your VPN as the VPN owners are now working with me to have you criminally charged.

Bianca van Wyk the Sex Pest Cyber-bully gets locked by twitter

Bianca van Wyk who torments users on twitter from her BiancavanWyk16 is now on twitter’s radar for harassing users: Besides harassing users on twitter, it seems that even her own family isn’t off limits to her harassment. Here her own daughter is be subjected to her harassment so she can get likes and retweets on

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Teddy Msomi the photographer

My name is Teddy Msomi and I'm a black self taught South African photographer based in both Johannesburg and Durban. Please RT. My next client could be on your timeline ❤️ — T E D D Y 📷 (@ArtInTheMusic) August 11, 2020 For those who do not have a facebook profile, I’ll include screenshots

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BREAKING: After looting R4 billion from PIC, it has been confirmed that SACTWU is taking legal action against controversial business Iqbal Surve to recover R150 million it loaned to him in 2012. They want the money repaid with interest. #PICLooterIqbalSurve — Goolam (@goolammv) May 11, 2021 Basically the disgraceful businessman stole the money of honest

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