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Ets05582975 poll gets many votes

As a white South African…do we flee, fight, or die? Please retweet this. I would like to see the outcome. Please feel free to answer as well. Black, or white. Doesn't matter. Just say what you voted, and your hue…just to add some colour to this poll… — KGB™ (@Ets05582975) January 5, 2020

Cyber bully , sex pest and stalker bynaturenawty unmasked

The user who is harassing many users on twitter behind the ghost account bynaturenawty has been identified as Hendrik. Here’s a photo of the troll unmasked. Real Name: Hendrik. The user constantly bullies many users , including Deon Fialkov – because he hides his identity behind a ghost account. Please ensure that you report the

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FireFlyLuciferi busted for lying about helen zille

User FireFlyLuciferi (who hides their identity behind a GHOST ACCOUNT) was recently caught out by another user (who isn’t afraid to show their real identity) that they lied about Helen Zille’s twitter stats. This was the image that the user FireFlyLuciferi tweeted as if it were `real’ : Thanks to the user ClaudiLeitaoSA who isn’t

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Dear knorkop All your malicious , defamatory tweets and multiple IP addresses have been sent to police cyber-crimes for processing. Ask yourself what agenda does knorkop have by sharing one-sided stories ? What does he gain from spreading one-sided stories ? Come on knorkop. If you want to be all tough – give me your

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knorkop creates more ghost accounts to stalk Deon Fialkov

The user who is petrified to show his real identity online , so hides behind a ghost account knorkop – loves to try to bully and defame Deon Fialkov because Deon Fialkov is real and the website 777 Productions has more traffic than his data usage on his iphone. Yes, knorkop – I know everything

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