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Yolanda Nicolson

FUCK YOU CELE FROM SOUTH AFRICAN SMOKERS @CyrilRamaphosa CONTROL YOUR FKING CLOWNS If you're smoking in your car, be prepared to prove where and when you got them: Cele — MISSY FIELDS (@MISSYFIELDS19) May 23, 2020 "FUCK YOU" …WAR – #andrewbreitbart My answer to Duarte 'Why don't you back off!' – Duarte comes out

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Cian dares Usain Bolt

User Cian with her 387 followers dared Usain Bolt. I still can’t believe that he replied to her tweet. He has 4.92 million followers and he must be really busy with fans etc. I dare @usainbolt to go back to the next olympics and beat his WR. Bet he can’t do it 🧐 — Cian✌🏾🦋

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Ever since the media defamed Deon Fialkov 3 times, trolls have flooded twitter with the aim of trying to be relevant by defaming Deon Fialkov some more. The media were too scared to print the actual story of what happened to him. If you are from the media and would like to feature the real

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It’s adorable to watch my haters think about me constantly , to fabricate more lies about me for likes and retweets.


All you blacks thinking John is about you and your loss of income are straight up retarded#JohndoesNotSpeakForMe — NtsikiWethu (@ntsikimazwai) May 15, 2020 So this John guy has blocked half of South Africans on Twitter and now claims he speaks for us. He must not include me in his imaginary South African.#JohnDoesNotSpeakForMe — Ivyn

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Aneesa Cassim bullies users online

PS. Dear Aneesa Cassim, I’m not scared of you at all … You can bully many users online but you won’t defame me and not get caught up in a defamation storm. Yours faithfully Deon Fialkov Cape Town, South Africa

Lerato Mannya judges Gareth Cliff on his skin colour

I see a lot of bullshit on twitter but this is something that needs to be discussed and highlighted: Gareth is a white man. That’s all that you need to know about him and his opinions. — Lerato 💕 (@LeratoMannya) May 10, 2020 Many people called her out on her racist tweet, but she

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Road rage accident goes viral

Here we go again 👇🏽Something needs to give — Daddy Yo 🤓 (@JjSesing) May 5, 2020 Someone knows who this racist is. @SAHRCommission must take action — Vincent (@Da_Vince2) May 5, 2020 This just in dear friends!! This lady has been arrested and will be going to court tomorrow! I would first like

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