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User Natz_online is the disinformation specialist

It’s been a while since I’ve seen such an idiot online but well done @Natz_online for indoctrinating your minions with your bullshit. PS. Go to the police – open up a case … I’ll wait. Remember as soon as you give your IDENTITY to the police – EVERYONE that hates you will get the same

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One brave woman has taken on the disinformation trolls. The trolls are trying to silence her by reporting her profile, after blocking her. This brave woman is YOLANDA NICOLSON. Mmmm interesting you are anti spying but yet you seem to support those who do & go about #CancelCulture …this particular character doesn't like being called

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Pamela Salalah Triggers Twitter

#NicholasNinow. The mother of the little girl has stated she feels guilty for what happened. Why then was your child in a play area, unsupervised by YOU, HER MOTHER, instead of you sitting, drinking and entertaining? The mother is as much to blame as anyone. — pamela (@PamelaSalalah) October 17, 2019 Wa gafa , fotsek

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Bianca van Wyk vs Skye

Should we ignore or confront online trolls? To be fair in this thread, I have unblocked this particular the case study @Lonestar_Skye (one of my 2 permanent blocks) – I remain blocked. So let's start at the end👇 — Bianca van Wyk (@BiancavanWyk16) January 6, 2021 Despite being blocked by @LoneStar_Skye she was comfortable

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