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DEON FIALKOV IS THE WORLD SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER So many ghost accounts are trying the best to belittle Deon Fialkov – so they can get their likes and retweets from their indoctrinated followers … Yet, Deon Fialkov, still remains UNDEFEATED …

i_batibat has LOST again and again

Dear i_batibat , you’re NOT the first troll that I’ve dealt with and you won’t be the last. It’s adorable how you find more idiots and imbeciles to join you in taking me on. It’s so cute how you want me desperately to be your lover, how you constantly talk about me non-stop – instead

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i_batibat is the cyber-bully who spreads lies for likes

Either i_batibat’s followers are imbeciles like him – or they are too lazy to question him to provide FACTS. DEAR i_batibat 1) You keep mentioning that `Deon Fialkov has been sued numerous times’ – PROVIDE FACTS – quote the case numbers 2) As much as you love lying to your followers, you will be held

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SusanMa23660486 apologises non-stop to Deon Fialkov

Another cyber-bully who has no life other than to harass users on twitter is SusanMa23660486 , previously suspended using SuziQuatro2 for hateful conduct and abusive behaviour. Her full identity with her apology to Deon Fialkov has been received. She can’t afford to be sued so she apologised. Thank you SusanMa23660486 for acknowledging your faults.

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