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All users looking for a job or a new job. Please use the hashtag #FindAJobWithDeonFialkov This blog-posting will constantly be updated. Guys lets help a Brother Out.. He is in desperate need of a Job.. Let's Rt until he gets a Job… Thank You in Advance — AfroTunes (@Lee_TinoSA) July 10, 2019 I'm a

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Cyber bully knorkop created valeska360

As you know twitter does not care about harassment on its platform. I have done more than 500 reports to report knorkop , valeska360 and Weenen1 and twitter support is too lazy to enforce their own rules. Anyhow , knorkop , bored with his life , created valeska360

Cyber bully and stalker Weenen1 unmasked

The user who is harassing many users on twitter behind the ghost account Weenen1 has been identified as Hendrik. Here’s a photo of the troll unmasked. Real Name: Hendrik.

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