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Roman Cabanac boxing match proposal towards Nazier Paulsen

This sounds like a great way to donate money towards a charity. I will gladly have a boxing match against @NazierPaulsen. All proceeds go to charity. — Roman Cabanac (@RomanCabanac) October 8, 2020 I rearrange your face and it will be an improvement — Nazier Paulsen (@NazierPaulsen) October 8, 2020 Challenge then accepted? — Marco

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Bianca van Wyk stalks Renaldo Gouws

I am a huge fan of Renaldo Gouws youtube channel and I was shocked that he too is being stalked by Bianca van Wyk. Stalker van Wyk wants you to see only one part of the argument because that is what she wants you to see. I made a series of tweets clearly stating that

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Michael Senger vs Jean Leroux

Wow this is funny to see. Michael Senger is actually taking on the `all-powerful’ Jean Leroux . The free reign given to authoritarian regimes to control online narrative is a catastrophe. Take this recent report on COVID disinfo from @DFRLab. The report never once mentions lockdowns, or why China sowed rumors COVID is a bioweapon

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Justice for Nicole Bester

Chelsea Bester made a facebook status PUBLIC and is wanting awareness about her sister Nicole Bester … “Nicole Bester ❤️ remember her name! On the 22 August 2020 we received a call saying my sister had committed suicide.” Nicole Bester ❤️ remember her name! On the 22 August 2020 we received a call saying my

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Many users views on IOL

The news site that puts the L into IOL are at it again. From the journalism school of ‘Just make shit up’. Rupert ‘said that he would ensure that the media stops writing positively about the President and those close to him," said the source.’ — Chris Roper (@ChrisRoper) March 28, 2021

Lerato Mannya tries to cancel Michael Bucwa

Lerato Mannya tweeted something so insane. By the time she realised what a mess she had done it was too late. Lerato Mannya told her followers not to engage with Michael Bucwa because he makes money from engagement. But so many users use twitter for business – are you Lerato Mannya, planning to cancel all

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