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Cyber bullies getting turned on by bullying Deon Fialkov

Cyber-bullies are getting turned on by bullying Deon Fialkov. DEAR i_batibat – pelase stop acting like a thug online … MEET ME AT THE POLICE STATION – you can show them how tough you are at trying to `assault’ people. I’m not phased by your intimidation kak at all. It is interesting according to the

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We remember Theuns Nothnagel who lost all his ghost accounts

THEUNS NOTHNAGEL who hid his identity and what he looked like behind multiple ghost accounts indoctrinated his followers to harass, humiliate and doxx Deon Fialkov. He even told his minions that Deon Fialkov was to appear `in court 9 March 2021′ and then `16 March 2021′ – both cases were in his head and not

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i_batibat the cyber-bully who fears Deon Fialkov

Dear i_batibat, you can insult me as much as you like from your temporary ghost account. I know it turns you on to get likes and retweets. Imagine if you had your real profile photo and real identity on your profile when you were retweeted. People might even think you are worth having an opinion.

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More ghost accounts are mentioning `Doxxing is illegal’. Yes you are right, but Deon Fialkov has NOT Doxxed anyone. However, when the authorities seize your laptops , mobile phones, etc and find your cyber-bullying activities – well that depends on them – what information they will RELEASE about you. Deon Fialkov IS NOT DOXXing anyone.

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#PurgedByDeonFialkov will show you every few days the ghost accounts that DEON FIALKOV will get suspended for abusive behaviour.

Zahiruddin White posts hate speech – gets reported to SAHRC

@HRCP87 @HRCSA @Our_DA @afriforum @kalliekriel @SAPoliceService This guy left this tweet up long enough for everyone to see. Apologies from him are not good enough now. He must be prosecuted and sent to jail. He cannot claim his account was hacked as he followed himself. — I-Batibat (@i_batibat) August 11, 2021 I want to

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ANEESA CASSIM converts her fake @NiknaksToes4 to @deonbfialkov

ANEESA CASSIM who has a history of creating fake profiles to stir havoc on twitter is back again with more kak. She converted her fake profile @NiknaksToes4 at 16:07pm today to @deonbfialkov to cause havoc using a profile impersonating Deon Fialkov. ANEESA CASSIM operated multiple ghost accounts to stalk and defame Deon Fialkov. Her minions

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