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Kaybee vs Cassper Twar

Le ska lebala matsoho le tsebe ho kuka bo mme ka tlung bana beso‼️ — Prince Kaybee (@PrinceKaybee_SA) June 14, 2019 I bet casper nyovest inspired this nigga to work hard on his body #bigupsmufasa — Moyanatsundzuka (@moyanatsundzula) June 14, 2019 So you think my arms were inspired by someone who doesn’t have

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I have been reporting people for harassment for years but twitter does not do anything. If twitter had actually cared about its users , the site would not be in the spotlight for not being able to deal with harassment on its site properly. This image sums up twitter’s version of support. If twitter really

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Am I the only one that walks slowly behind people to avoid greeting them 🚶🏾‍♂️ — ✘ (@_URBANISM) November 25, 2018


CONTEXT: One of my twitter followers was recently scammed by another twitter user. My follower @Classads3 was meant to buy a 450 000 twitter profile from @SellingAccountJ for 20 dollars. Classads3 paid the agreed price into the paypal account and then was ignored. No login details to the profile was given. Here are the screenshots

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Deon Fialkov gets impersonated so many times on facebook

Unsure why people can’t just be themselves online but it seems that they love impersonating Deon Fialkov. More people impersonating Deon Fialkov. These profiles have only 2 things correct about them : the photo and the city. If you suspect that the profile is fake, report it to facebook asap. Don’t entertain it at all.

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