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Twitter does not care about harassment

twitter. does. not. care. about. harassment. — error code (@USP_Talon) May 22, 2014 There is harassment, there is toxicity, and I think there could be harsher rules in place for that. But Twitter does also allow people to have productive, important conversations. I’m not going to run from what I don’t agree with, I want

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Use words `sex pest’ to get FREE TRAFFIC to your site

Amazes me how 2 words `sex pest’ can make your site get so much traffic than anything else you do on your site. Take a look at how many times the words sex pest appear in the sites that defame Deon Fialkov – those are business sites that use the words.


What amazes me about the crap that was written about me was that I did more than 500 reports to twitter for all the bullies harassing me – yet nothing was done to help me. After sending detailed reports about users harassing me on twitter , I received feedback from my reports: As you can

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Deon Fialkov gets impersonated on Instagram

Found out recently via one of my haters that I have also been impersonated on instagram. I DO NOT USE INSTAGRAM. Please REPORT all instances of Deon Fialkov on instagram as fake. Thank you.


I have been reporting people for harassment for years but twitter does not do anything. If twitter had actually cared about its users , the site would not be in the spotlight for not being able to deal with harassment on its site properly. This image sums up twitter’s version of support. If twitter really

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Deon Fialkov gets impersonated so many times on facebook

Unsure why people can’t just be themselves online but it seems that they love impersonating Deon Fialkov. More people impersonating Deon Fialkov. These profiles have only 2 things correct about them : the photo and the city. If you suspect that the profile is fake, report it to facebook asap. Don’t entertain it at all.

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