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Bianca van Wyk vs Skye

Should we ignore or confront online trolls? To be fair in this thread, I have unblocked this particular the case study @Lonestar_Skye (one of my 2 permanent blocks) – I remain blocked. So let's start at the end👇 — Bianca van Wyk (@BiancavanWyk16) January 6, 2021 Despite being blocked by @LoneStar_Skye she was comfortable

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Roman Cabanac boxing match proposal towards Nazier Paulsen

This sounds like a great way to donate money towards a charity. I will gladly have a boxing match against @NazierPaulsen. All proceeds go to charity. — Roman Cabanac (@RomanCabanac) October 8, 2020 I rearrange your face and it will be an improvement — Nazier Paulsen (@NazierPaulsen) October 8, 2020 Challenge then accepted? — Marco

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Bianca van Wyk stalks Renaldo Gouws

I am a huge fan of Renaldo Gouws youtube channel and I was shocked that he too is being stalked by Bianca van Wyk. Stalker van Wyk wants you to see only one part of the argument because that is what she wants you to see. I made a series of tweets clearly stating that

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