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Pieter triggers twitter users

BMW X5’s, Toyota Land Cruisers, brand new VW Polo’s… the #Nkandla Defence Force is not driven by the voiceless or downtrodden but by a wealthy tenderpreneur class horrified at the prospect of losing its place at the teets of the state. — Pieter-Louis Myburgh (@PLMyburgh) July 4, 2021 I'm disappointed at you sir. This statement

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Yilo Nicolas threatens Ernst Roets

Yilo Nicolas threatened Ernst Roets. Look at this guy. This is not only a violation of Twitter policy. By South African law, he's committing a crime. Please report him. Link to his tweet ->… — Ernst Roets (@ErnstRoets) July 3, 2021 @ErnstRoets that a joke dude… You can't take that seriours mfo. Hard

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Easy to find Reporting Options On Twitter

To find the 3 most important options on twitter regarding abuse , is a nightmare. Here is the easy list of options: Report an abusive user Report for posting private information Report for impersonation

Anastasia Marchenkova gets harassed on twitter

Anastasia Marchenkova was harassed on twitter in the DMs (Direct Messages). I’ve never put someone in the hotseat, but this person has 25k followers in the tech community and sending messages like this. Even yesterday he was retweeting me so not sure what happened @haysstanford — Anastasia Marchenkova (@amarchenkova) June 12, 2021 For context

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Grant Nicol is a cyber bully sex pest

Another imbecile who hates women is Grant Nicol. Grant Nicol insulted a woman publicly and Peter Phillipson was one of the users who went after him online: Grant Nicol had Peter Phillipson suspended because that is what a coward like him does. GRANT NICOL loves to harass users on twitter for likes and retweets…

Cyber stalker Natz_online is getting monitored by Twitter

A woman , who hides her identity and what she looks like behind ghost account @Natz_online is being monitored by Twitter Support. This user spews bullshit and defamatory tweets about random users. Because her twitter profile is 10 years old , she seems to think her long standing with twitter has made her invincible. Wow

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Mark Zuckerberg is not verified on twitter – why not ?

Many people have impersonated Mark Zuckerberg, but this is the only profile that has more than 430 000 followers Tell your congressmen you want them to be pro-internet. My Facebook post is here: — Mark Zuckerberg (@finkd) January 18, 2012 He’s only done 19 tweets, last used his twitter 18 January 2012. If this

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