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When you JUDGE someone based on your ASSumptions

Your Kin @WotanZA 😂😂 A white guy with a black guy as an Avi has no room to talk. Focus on getting the lingo down before handing out advice White Boy😉 — Bianca van Wyk (@BiancavanWyk16) July 15, 2020 You rang? P.S. Nice dodge on answering any of my points. — Exiled Wotan

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Imbecile Indoctrination

Dear imbeciles I know that if you google Deon Fialkov , the IOL link defaming him is the first one to appear. This is NOT rocket-science to find that information. But show me a GUILTY VERDICT from a court-case from the IOL article ? I’ll wait… Look who wants to get more followers by defaming

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FAKE PROFILE DUXISTATUM harassing Deon Fialkov suspended

The `user’ that created the twitter account @DUXISTATUM to harass Deon Fialkov has been suspended. I know that this user will create more profiles harassing Deon Fialkov , but it’s on victory for now on keeping the internet and twitter a safer place to be.

Easy to find Reporting Options On Twitter

To find the 3 most important options on twitter regarding abuse , is a nightmare. Here is the easy list of options: Report an abusive user Report for posting private information Report for impersonation


For anyone that is sharing the defamatory links about Deon Fialkov on IOL, please note that DEON FIALKOV was NOT allowed to sue the media for defamation because of the waiver he signed so that the complaint he wrote to the IOL ombudsman would be read. Didn’t realise that the person that was Press Ombudsman

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It’s adorable to watch my haters think about me constantly , to fabricate more lies about me for likes and retweets.

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