Cyber bullies getting turned on by bullying Deon Fialkov

Cyber-bullies are getting turned on by bullying Deon Fialkov.

DEAR i_batibat – pelase stop acting like a thug online …

MEET ME AT THE POLICE STATION – you can show them how tough you are at trying to `assault’ people.

I’m not phased by your intimidation kak at all. It is interesting according to the new Cyber Crimes Act who will be punished and who won’t be.

I’ve not threatened you at all. You, however , think your tweets haven’t incited violence … mmmm – let’s see what the police say about them…

As for SpaceCadet9661 , you wish you knew what a blog was – but I get that you’re confused about your existence, only having done 18 100 tweets and amassed 711 followers in 11 years when I amassed 70 000 followers in 2 months.

But keep on telling i_batibat about how `kak my blog is’ when your socialmedia existence is pathetic.