CYBER BULLY bittereinder17 converts his bullying profile into a business profile

The imbecile of epic proportions who has a very scary obsession with Deon Fialkov – used to use the twitter profile
@bittereinder17 to humiliate and defame Deon Fialkov with the most outrageous allegations, all behind the comfort of his ghost account – even boasting about using a VPN – to hide his behaviour.

Well, this imbecile has recently converted his bullying twitter profile @bittereinder17 to @myhoomanstore , a business profile – where the location of the `business’ claims to be in United Kingdom.

Only an imbecile would do business with someone like you who gets turned on by bullying users from numerous ghost accounts.


DO YOU REALLY THINK I’M simply going to let you defame me and other people ?

I’m going to give all this information to the FBI for them to prosecute you.

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