Imbecile Indoctrination

Dear imbeciles

I know that if you google Deon Fialkov , the IOL link defaming him is the first one to appear. This is NOT rocket-science to find that information.

But show me a GUILTY VERDICT from a court-case from the IOL article ?

I’ll wait…

Look who wants to get more followers by defaming Deon Fialkov. Wonder which follower of yours Bianca – told you that Deon Fialkov is guilty of harassment ? Hmmm… Please stop talking shit for likes and retweets.

The police know all about who is harassing Deon Fialkov. Must I add your name to that list ?

Remember , by your sharing an article from 4 years ago – with ZERO GUILTY VERDICT makes you look like
the cyber-bully, an imbecile for sharing information that defames someone who should not be shamed.

Stop indoctrinating your minions for likes and retweets.

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