mrsubdj tiktok account does moronic video

A Cape Town man went viral on social media after revealing that he would like the taxis strike to continue as his life is better off without them on the road.

He is heard saying in the video: “Okay, hear me out. We need to figure out a way to keep the taxis on strike. Let me explain. Has anyone noticed how quiet the streets are lately. Like there hasn’t been a single drop of traffic for the last three days.

“Like, everyone has got smiles on their faces. Everyone is driving. The roads are empty. The sun even came out. It’s been summer for the last three days,” said the man.

After being exposed on twitter by @taythenomad on Tuesday, 8 August and received over 2 million views on Twitter , he either deactivated his tiktok account , deleted his tiktok account , made his account private or changed his tiktok username because this is what appears.

Some users have already found the full identity of the guy in the tiktok video and have even posted screenshots of his facebook profile and some of his posts there.