Ridwaan Kader ( @rid1kader ) – cyber-bully exposed for bullying users online

An in-depth analysis of the cyber-bully Ridwaan Kader (@rid1kader) that is not only harassing me but many users online – purely for likes and retweets.

Dear Ridwaan Kader , you really are an imbecile. You are trying so hard to play it that you’re the victim of cyber-bullying when you’re the one harassing me and I have the screenshots to prove it. Even though twitter support has NOT yet suspended your account , I will make sure it gets suspended.

You keep harassing me and I’ll show many many people , including the police your harassment. Stop linking to an old article – that even the original site removed. But clearly you’re too stupid to notice that.

If you persist in harassing me – I will make this blog-post go viral. Delete your tweets about me and maybe I won’t press criminal charges against you.

Ridwaan Kader is obessed with very sexual stuff eg. smegma , sex pest and does extremely vulgar tweets – definitely somebody NOT to follow.