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Mainstream media is petrified to show the FULL TRUTH of what actually happened with Deon Fialkov.

Instead, no-where in any of the defamatory articles about him , is his RIGHT OF REPLY.

It’s far easier to defame Deon Fialkov to drive traffic to their site , where one gets bombarded with annoying advertisements everywhere on it.

Yet so many faceless , trolls are defaming Deon Fialkov by sharing the defamatory links in the hopes that mainstream media will do another defamatory story and give them free advertising.

Anyone who has a brain will know that DEON FIALKOV IS INNOCENT !!

Twitter is SUSPENDING any profile that seems to be a `clone’ of a suspended profile

Twitter has implemented a method of suspending a profile if it somehow seems to be a new profile of a suspended profile.

So let’s discuss that scenario here:

Recently 777productions7 was suspended.

This means that any variant that has the word 777productions in will automatically be suspended within a given
time-period regardless of who creates the account.


1) A user does not have to create a new profile. They can simply go to Settings, edit the username and add a number to an existing username IF that username has not been taken already.

2) That just because a twitter username has 777Productions in it DOES NOT mean it was created by Deon Fialkov or belongs to him. There are other businesses that have the same name in America.

3) Only an IMBECILE will ASSuME that all the profiles above belong to DEON FIALKOV