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` How to bully someone on the internet ‘ template

There seems to be a huge increase in cyber-bullying on the internet.

There’s even a `How to bully someone on the internet’ template:

“Dear Sir,

I refer you to your article `Cape Town cyber sex-pest’ dated 21 October 2017.

It is with regret to inform you this certain Deon Fialkov is still very much at large on
Twitter. He continues to use his malicous Modus Operandi of impersonating people
and trying to sow division in their work and social lives.

I am attaching information for your perusal and would very much appreciate a follow up
article should you feel inclined to do so.

Please feel free to contact me at any time should you require further
information pertaining to this request.

My details are as follows :


Notice that the template above clearly shows who the one is that has the agenda.

How to bully Deon Fialkov some more.

Please remember : that 1) The media NEVER printed any side of Deon’s story of what actually happened
2) Many users use ghost accounts to fabricate nonsense like this so that they can get free media attention
should the media write an article to satisfy their orgasmic need for attention.

Telling others to block someone is cyber-bullying

As much as you believe that you are a good human-being, telling
someone to block someone else purely because you do not like them is CYBER-BULLYING
and you really shouldn’t be allowed to have a profile online.

Lately I have seen random users block me , even screenshotting profiles that they believe are mine – purely to get likes and retweets on twitter.

Their followers or minions don’t question whether what their friends have tweeted because they have been following them for a while and would never question if they’re telling lies or the truth. Of course it’s easier to believe a lie – than question your friend – so they block whoever is on their `hate-list’.