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PLEASE STOP TELLING PEOPLE that Deon Fialkov is bullying you.

STOP TALKING SHITE ABOUT HIM and you won’t find any problems with your twitter profile.

This is what will happen should you continue to talk shit about Deon Fialkov

Dear @Fern514 , you really can’t preach that we’re all cowards – because you’re 1) hiding your full identity and your 2) real profile photo on your ghost account …

Please get your `8 friends’ to report Deon Fialkov to the police and you’ll have to explain to them why you resorted to using GHOST ACCOUNTS to harass him.

i_batibat has LOST again and again

Dear i_batibat , you’re NOT the first troll that I’ve dealt with and you won’t be the last.

It’s adorable how you find more idiots and imbeciles to join you in taking me on.

It’s so cute how you want me desperately to be your lover, how you constantly talk about me non-stop – instead of moving on with your life.

But don’t worry, I’ll make sure ALL YOUR PROFILES get suspended and there’s nothing you can do to prevent it from happening.

The more you bully me, the more screenshots of your harassment gets added to your case docket of cyber-bullying.

If you defame Deon Fialkov , your ghost account will be suspended

I love the energy by my cyber-bully, i_batibat, who indoctrinated his minions to constantly harass and humiliate Deon Fialkov because getting likes and retweets is his virtual orgasm that he desperately needs.

Amazes me where he got his iphone to tweet from – but if you want to play nasty.

I will simply screenshot all your bullying tweets for my readers to see.

I guarantee you will have your ghost account(s) suspended and you’ll do what your friend peter has done – LOCKED his profile in fear of getting suspended again.

i_batibat is losing more ghost accounts owing to cyber-bullying Deon Fialkov

DEAR i_batibat and team of cyber-bullies,

Unlike you , your tweets bullying me , that gets you likes and retweets – mean nothing to me when you lose ghost account after ghost account.

I’m watching every tweet you do …

Happy tweeting

i_batibat the cyber-bully who fears Deon Fialkov

Dear i_batibat, you can insult me as much as you like from your temporary ghost account.

I know it turns you on to get likes and retweets. Imagine if you had your real profile photo and real identity on your profile when you were retweeted. People might even think you are worth having an opinion.

TEMPORARY, because I will have it suspended like I did to your previous profiles, and PETER PHILLIPSON’s 11 other ghost accounts.

He even hides behind a LOCKED profile @RevPeterP because he’s petrified of me too. If he wasn’t – tell him to UNLOCK his profile and belittle me like a normal person.

Apologies from Fern514, alphavile2018 and i_batibat stream in non-stop

i_batibat and his minions are panicking about being sued for defamation.

The only money that they have is for the data to keep their ghost accounts active.

Dear i_batibat, Fern514 and alphavile2018

Unlike you , I don’t need to hide my identity online – but you do – well not for long.

The world will know exactly who you are soon.

Keyboard thugs alphavile2018 , fern514 and i_batibat get sued for defamation

All 3 users who are petrified to display their real identities on twitter , are all getting sued for defamation.

YOUR IP ADDRESSES are being traced – the LOCAL IP ADDRESSES you’re hiding behind your VPNs are being handed over to the police and FBI.

Days of you tormenting users from your ghost accounts are over.