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Bianca Van Wyk – the serial stalker cyber-bully sex-pest harasses users all day every day

Bianca van Wyk is a NOBODY. A nobody I knew of nor cared about.

Now I see that Bianca van Wyk is promoting CANCEL CULTURE.

She sent her ARMY OF INDOCTRINATED IMBECILES to contact the HOSTING PROVIDER of my domain www.777productions.com to SILENCE ME.


If you were clever, you would have simply gone to the police with screenshots of my blog-postings and we could have let the CYBER-CRIMES (SAPS) deal with this, but no – you want likes and retweets for your bullshit.

The police know who I am and they know that the IOL link is bullshit.

It’s really not my fault that IOL didn’t allow me to SUE THEM FOR DEFAMATION.

Also, why don’t you ask IOL for the UPDATE TO THE STORY you keep sharing for more traffic to their site … ?

I am making a list of every single profile you’re interacting with and they too will be added to my case I have of users who cyber-bullied me for likes and retweets.

Lastly, for a so-called business woman – you really talk a lot of shit on socialmedia.

Remember I had a 70 000 twitter following in far less time that your shitty existence.

Should my website be taken offline because of your CANCEL CULTURE INDOCTRINATION – I will simply buy another 200 domains …

Your choice…


I am NOT coming onto twitter just so you can get your INDOCTRINATED IMBECILES to mass-report my profile.

If you DELETE all your tweets referencing me , then we can talk about WHO THE FK IS HARASSING WHO.