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Natz_online cyber-bully is in trouble

The user Natz_online who has a habit of spreading fake information – purely to get likes and retweets is now in trouble.

Natz_online is also anti knorkop

All the users celebrating here are known bullies online. They love to block their victims prior to talking badly about them.

Quite interesting how she spells Deon Fialkov’s surname wrong – she had no problems bad-mouthing him before with the correct spelling.

Natz_online is the bullshit bully

After numerous reports about the cyber-bully and stalker Natz_online and twitter doing nothing about her bullshit tweets about me, I think that it’s only fair to make the world know the type of bullshit she tweets and hopefully
others can report her profile to get suspended.

Users create GHOST ACCOUNTS to bully other users

Some users are afraid to be themselves online so they hide who they are behind GHOST ACCOUNTS.

Some users love to be bullies online and they hide either their real name and even what they look like so when
they torment other users – anyone screenshotting their tweets doesn’t really humiliate them.

Their power is gained by their minions who follow them and like and retweet their every tweet regardless of the content of the tweet.