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FireFlyLuciferi is a cyber-bully and a cyber-stalker

Some users are afraid to be themselves online so they hide who they are behind GHOST ACCOUNTS.

Some users love to be bullies online and they hide either their real name and even what they look like so when
they torment other users – anyone screenshotting their tweets doesn’t really humiliate them.

Their power is gained by their minions who follow them and like and retweet their every tweet regardless of the content of the tweet.

The user FireFlyLuciferi is one of those trolls who fabricate anything to seem relevant. Its minions don’t question anything it tweets because they would have to suffer too to its lies.

Weenen1 is a cyber-bully and cyber-stalker

Unsure why twitter does NOT care about the safety of its users on twitter but here is another user to report to twitter support for cyber-bullying , cyber-stalking and harassment of users from a ghost account.

I have many users who troll Deon Fialkov by sharing snippets of the defamatory articles about him , yet they hide behind ghost accounts to do this.