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PETER PHILLIPSON and his cyber-bullying minions


I love the way that you indoctrinate your imbeciles to harass me. It’s a pity though that you’re too much of a coward to unlock your twitter profile to tweet about me.

Even your ghost accounts are faceless and insulting me so that they can get recognition by you – to upvote their insults.

As much as they get turned on by cyber-bullying, on instructions by you , they are still braver not to hide behind a LOCKED twitter profile like you do …

I see that you are petrified of UNLOCKING your profile.

You’re so chicken I see …

If you had any guts, you would UNLOCK your twitter profile …

i_batibat is losing more ghost accounts owing to cyber-bullying Deon Fialkov

DEAR i_batibat and team of cyber-bullies,

Unlike you , your tweets bullying me , that gets you likes and retweets – mean nothing to me when you lose ghost account after ghost account.

I’m watching every tweet you do …

Happy tweeting

Apologies from Fern514, alphavile2018 and i_batibat stream in non-stop

i_batibat and his minions are panicking about being sued for defamation.

The only money that they have is for the data to keep their ghost accounts active.

Dear i_batibat, Fern514 and alphavile2018

Unlike you , I don’t need to hide my identity online – but you do – well not for long.

The world will know exactly who you are soon.

Keyboard thugs alphavile2018 , fern514 and i_batibat get sued for defamation

All 3 users who are petrified to display their real identities on twitter , are all getting sued for defamation.

YOUR IP ADDRESSES are being traced – the LOCAL IP ADDRESSES you’re hiding behind your VPNs are being handed over to the police and FBI.

Days of you tormenting users from your ghost accounts are over.