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Bianca Van Wyk – the serial stalker cyber-bully sex-pest harasses users all day every day

Bianca van Wyk is a NOBODY. A nobody I knew of nor cared about.

Now I see that Bianca van Wyk is promoting CANCEL CULTURE.

She sent her ARMY OF INDOCTRINATED IMBECILES to contact the HOSTING PROVIDER of my domain www.777productions.com to SILENCE ME.


If you were clever, you would have simply gone to the police with screenshots of my blog-postings and we could have let the CYBER-CRIMES (SAPS) deal with this, but no – you want likes and retweets for your bullshit.

The police know who I am and they know that the IOL link is bullshit.

It’s really not my fault that IOL didn’t allow me to SUE THEM FOR DEFAMATION.

Also, why don’t you ask IOL for the UPDATE TO THE STORY you keep sharing for more traffic to their site … ?

I am making a list of every single profile you’re interacting with and they too will be added to my case I have of users who cyber-bullied me for likes and retweets.

Lastly, for a so-called business woman – you really talk a lot of shit on socialmedia.

Remember I had a 70 000 twitter following in far less time that your shitty existence.

Should my website be taken offline because of your CANCEL CULTURE INDOCTRINATION – I will simply buy another 200 domains …

Your choice…


I am NOT coming onto twitter just so you can get your INDOCTRINATED IMBECILES to mass-report my profile.

If you DELETE all your tweets referencing me , then we can talk about WHO THE FK IS HARASSING WHO.

Robyn Porteous and Jean LeRoux get sued by Larry Swart for defamation

Both Robyn Porteous and Jean Le Roux keep defaming both Larry Swart and Deon Fialkov – for likes and retweets.

They keep spreading disinformation about the 2 of them – defaming them for likes and retweets.

Well, Larry Swart has had enough of both of you lying about him and is taking legal action against the 2 of you for defamation.

EVERY USER WHO DEFAMES DEON FIALKOV will be posted here – so the world can know what real cyber-bullying looks like – and stop pretending they’re victims.

COWARD who hid her identity behind ghost account @populistmorons is back with a new twitter profile @GraphicJoanne

When you know your followers are too stupid to question your motives.

If Jean_leroux was so innocent , why does he hide what he looks like in his twitter profile picture – why does he hide his full name on his twitter profile and why does he expose people on medium.com and not dfrlab ?

Was waiting for the coward jean_leroux to tweet about Deon Fialkov for likes and retweets, knowing full well that his minions are too chicken-shit to question his motives for LYING.

1) SHOW ME THE IP ADDRESS that links Deon Fialkov to the facebook profiles IMPERSONATING him

2) SHOW ME THE PROOF … I’ll wait …

JEAN LEROUX keeps messing up his reputation … THANK YOU !!

Wonder what Atlantic Council will say about your cyber-bullying of various users on twitter ?

As much as you talk shit about me , I will show the world your TRUE NATURE. I’m not afraid of you JEAN LE ROUX.

TARRYN GABI is upset that I found out who she is behind her ghost account. Do you really think that I’m going to let you talk shit and defame me from your ghost account ?

DEAR ROBYN , YOUR HARASSMENT precedes anything Deon Fialkov might have said about you.
PLEASE STOP LYING TO YOUR FOLLOWERS. As much as you can twist the narrative to make it sound like DEON FIALKOV harassed you first, I have ALL THE SCREENSHOTS with the TIME-STAMPS. You can bullshit other people, but NOT me.

Sharing ANY OF THE DEFAMATORY articles about me is DEFAMATORY. I WAS NOT ALLOWED to sue the media for defamation.
But there’s nothing stopping Larry Swart suing you.

Remember something : you care about the attention by your tweets… I know that.

If you had issue with what is said on my blog-posting, complain to LARRY SWART. But you blocked him and you told your minions to block him.

You can print this entire blog-posting out but I’ll post EVERY SINGLE TWITTER WAR that you INITIATED and SHOW everyone how much of a cyber-bully you really are.

The only `victims’ that have spoken to you are sympathetic to your bullshit. They don’t want to lose their friendship with you. I know who lies about me.

Robyn , any imbecile can use the red boxes, yellow font text – Don’t ASSume You know anything when you know it’s all bullshit. People that follow you don’t question your lies.

Getting one of your followers to stalk tweets made by a FAKE PROFILE that you THINK IS CREATED by DEON FIALKOV – is NOT PROOF – it’s mindless bullshit that you spew to get your likes and retweets.

I know who is feeding you `information’ … and they have already been reported to the FBI.

You can tell your followers that I’m not suing you … blah blah blah – they’ll believe your bullshit anyhow.

I’m posting ALL YOUR HARASSMENT and ALL HARASSMENT by your followers. What you have done by tweeting about Deon Fialkov today is purely to get your followers to help you humiliate and harass me. If you were innocent – you would have email me to remove the posting.

I’m waiting for one of your media contacts to make contact – besides jean_leroux who is BIASED towards you.

GraphicJoanne , you think you so clever with your ghost account. You want to DOXX from your ghost account. The consequences of your illegal activites are reported to the FBI and SAPS.


Hello everyone

I have been watching this unfold about me but it seems that no-one wants to tell my side of the story.

So let me share THE REAL STORY of what happened.

If I, Deon Fialkov, had something to hide … WHY WOULD I share my story from my 70 000 follower twitter profile ?

Colin Hendricks was the journalist who wrote the first defamatory one-sided article about me.

But twitter suspended him for being abusive on their platform.

His first username was @colinkhendricks but he quickly changed to @colinjourno. Both his usernames were suspended.

I didn’t know about the National Press Ombudsman. When I found out , I emailed my complaint to them about the defamatory article in Die Son.

I complained to the National Press Ombudsman about the defamatory articles in Weekend Argus , only to find out that IOL left Press Ombudsman November 2016 and that iol had their own internal ombudsman.

So before I could email the IOL ombudsman I had to waive my right to sue the media for defamation.

What amazes me about the crap that was written about me was that I did more than 500 reports to twitter for all the bullies harassing me – yet nothing was done to help me.

As you can see twitter is constantly making excuses – for allowing harassment to continue on its platform.

Deon Fialkov is innocent

Deon Fialkov is innocent

I have been impersonated so many times on facebook yet no-one tells you that. So I will.

Click to view how many times that Deon Fialkov has been impersonated on facebook.

The naughty DM chat that I had with Tracey Manus – parts of that chat – she posted on her
twitter so that her friends could humiliate and harass me – ie. THE START OF THE CYBER-BULLYING.

One of her friends had found my cellnumber online and thought that it would be cool to do more
cyber-bullying by inciting their followers and anyone to call me, hiding their number.

When she posted the screenshots of the DM chat – she removed herself from the chat
so it looked like I was harassing her and being a pervert but I have the FULL CHAT and here it is:

As you can see, the chat that was portrayed online by her and her friends – is a MISREPRESENTATION

The user Nozmillionfaces (REAL NAME: NOZIPHO QWATHEKAZI) who thought that it would be cool to tarnish my name , but she forgot one thing.

If someone from the media, could you please help share my side of the story as I have done everything
I can do which clearly has not helped.

2 Letters to the Press Ombudsman
Complaint to the radio station about one of the presenters (representing them – based on their bio) timing of his tweets.
The journalist who wrote Die Son article was mentioned in my complaints.
I was in contact with a journalist from Carte Blanche about doing a story but I was told that the editor said no.
I lodged a complaint with Corruption Watch about my ordeal who replied that it wasn’t in their mandate.
I emailed someone from Democratic Alliance who said that they too could not help and that I must sue them.
However trying to sue the media is pointless as one needs loads of money – something which I didn’t have so
I assumed that I could just wait and then maybe people would forget. But online – no-one forgets.

Social-media warriors love it when a scandal takes place. Instead of wanting facts – they want
likes and retweets , regardless of who gets hurt and bullied in the process.

I have been suffering major depression from the defamatory articles about me and have had many suicidal
thoughts. The only reason that I did not give up is that I still had my cat, Angel , to look after.

However Angel, my cat that I have had for 17 years died in April this year. I had Angel cremated
on the 26 April 2018 and yes , I have a copy of the cremation with an urn with her name on.

The following people know about me being suicidal.
The doctor.
The psychiatrist because I kept over-analysing how unfair this scenario was.
SADAG ( as they should still have a phone-call received from my number )

For the actual bullies who have used the excuse of being suicidal just because they see
how easily the media reports on their version of events.


If you are going to judge me, DEON FIALKOV , I would rather you judge me
BASED ON ALL THE FACTS, not just the one-side you currently see online and in the print versions.

Lastly, I would like that the media be fair and help share my story too, so that when I
google myself or someone else does – I don’t pop up in the first 3 results as what’s portrayed
in the media.